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January 2015

Get the upper hand on virtual machine sprawl

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Virtualization has made allocating data center resources an easy process—perhaps too easy. Irresponsible virtual machine provisioning can gradually lead to the type of inefficiencies that virtualization set out to eliminate. VMs created for use in a particular project, for instance, need to be powered off when that project ends; otherwise, they’ll continue to consume network resources and storage. This unintended sprawl disrupts even the most carefully crafted virtualization capacity plans. To properly manage capacity, an organization needs to adopt effective practices to contain virtual machine sprawl. Virtualization has been widely implemented, and its merits are well-established. But organizations are coming to realize that they won’t derive the full benefit of virtualization if server resources are not properly provisioned. IT teams need the proper tools and strategies to optimize those virtual environments and avoid waste. A well-run data center will strive to limit virtual machine sprawl. To do so, an IT team needs to know how to assess its environment so that it can identify and fix problem areas. IT also will want to implement strategies that will prevent such sprawl from reoccurring.

About The Author

Brian Kirsch - IT Architect, Instructor

Brian Kirsch is an IT architect and instructor at Milwaukee Area...Read More

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