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The road to success begins with a virtualization certification path


Earning a virtualization certification is just as valuable today has it has ever been. Obtaining a certification from a respected vendor is one of the best things an IT professional can do to advance his career. While no certification is a golden ticket to a new or better job, starting down the right virtualization certification path can help you stand out among the competition. However, the real advantage of a certification isn't the boost it gives your resume; it's the value of continuing your education and keeping your technical skills up to date in a fast-paced industry.

1VMware certifications-

Advancing your VMware career

If you want to enhance your professional stature, gain the respect of your peers or simply validate your expertise with VMware products, acquiring a certification from the industry-leading virtualization company is the clearest way to achieve all three. VMware currently has four certification tracks: Cloud, data center virtualization, end user computing and network virtualization. Whichever virtualization certification path you choose to walk, we have a variety of articles to help you toward your goal.


VMware VCA exam is the first step in new certification tracks

The VMware Certified Associate (VCA) exam, while not overly technical, can help people who need to prove they understand various VMware technologies. Continue Reading


It takes a village to achieve VCDX certification

While ultimately a solo endeavor, earning a VCDX certification can be less taxing with help from fellow candidates and using all available resources. Continue Reading


Apply VCDX principles for a better VMware architecture and operations

VCDX certification isn't practical for most VMware admins and architects, but VCDX principles about VMware architecture apply to vSphere operations. Continue Reading


Demystifying the last hurdle to VCDX certification

If you're considering investing the time and effort to pursue VMware's pinnacle certification, VCDX, take a peek inside the VCDX panel defense. Continue Reading


Choose the right VMware certification path

Reading the new VMware certification map can get confusing, but most paths start out at VCP-DV. The next step could lead to cloud or EUC titles. Continue Reading


Preparing for the VCP exam and advanced VMware certifications

There are different course requirements, costs and objectives for each level of VMware certifications, so it’s best to do your homework before taking the VCP exam or others. Continue Reading


IT pros cast wary eyes on VMware cloud, desktop certifications

VMware certification options are set to double, with new cloud and end-user computing titles. IT pros question how valuable the new certs really are. Continue Reading


Familiarize yourself with the VCP blueprint to pass the exam

When studying for his own VCP test, instructor Bill Ferguson realized that a grasp of the VCP blueprint was critical to passing. Check out his advice. Continue Reading


VMware certification programs: Recasting the old, developing the new

VMware has revised their cloud, data center virtualization and end-user computing programs, in addition to developing a network virtualization one. Continue Reading


The road to VMware Certified Professional exam success

When you're studying for your VMware Certified Professional certification, don't forget to learn these 20 crucial terms. Continue Reading

2Microsoft certifications-

Getting a leg up with Microsoft certifications

While VMware is still the clear leader in virtualization, Microsoft's Hyper-V has been steadily gaining ground over the last few years. With many competitive features and a licensing model that's hard to argue with, IT professionals would be crazy to write off a Microsoft certification. While Hyper-V may not replace VMware in enterprise data centers in the foreseeable future, holding a Microsoft certification in a VMware shop can pay off big-time if your company decides to add a second hypervisor.


Microsoft overhauls its certification program

Microsoft revamped its certification program in 2012, adding three new certifications IT pros should know about. While the acronyms might look familiar, the exam content represents a new focus on virtualization and cloud computing. Continue Reading


More virtualization certification path changes

The release of Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1 and System Center 2012 R2 prompted Microsoft to revise exams for its certifications again. Take an in-depth look at new exam content and resources that will help you prepare. Continue Reading


Microsoft's new cloud focus

The latest Microsoft certification paths focus heavily on cloud technologies, including a new Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Private Cloud certification that covers private cloud, Windows Server and such applications as SharePoint and Exchange. Continue Reading


Microsoft's VDI certification path

Earning advanced certifications isn't easy, but it can pay off to get certified before deploying VDI. In this tip, learn how to prepare for a VDI deployment on Windows Server. Continue Reading


Preparing for a MCSA exam

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is one of the most popular IT certifications, but it isn't easy to achieve. Here are five training tips you should read to prep for the MSCA exam. Continue Reading

3Red Hat, Citrix and others-

Certifications for the well-rounded IT pro

VMware gets a lot of the hype and press when it comes to virtualization certifications, and Microsoft gets its fair share too, but in order to be a well-rounded IT pro in an era of multiple hypervisors and software-defined networking, you should also consider certifications from smaller companies. Citrix, Red Hat and other third-party companies offer certifications that will make you more versatile and can put you a step ahead of the rest.


Citrix certifications take similar approach as VMware

Like VMware, Citrix has are different certification levels. Unlike VMware, however, Citrix doesn't require you to take a course before completing an exam. The more you know, the higher Citrix certification you can earn, all the way up to the Citrix Certified Integration Architect. Continue Reading


Various IT certifications for the well-rounded admin

Not all certifications come strictly from big-name companies; there are plenty of general ones too. No matter what product you use, any well-rounded admin can benefit from an operating system certification. There also are other networking and application certifications that can help you diversify your skills. Continue Reading


Where does virtualization stand in the world of IT certifications?

Salaries prove that VMware is the leader of the pack when it comes to virtualization certifications, but other companies aren't far behind. Citrix, Red Hat and other third-party organizations all offer certifications that can benefit an IT pro. Continue Reading


Breaking down the different virtualization certifications

There are a lot of different certifications out there, but what good are they? What do they do? VMware and Microsoft aren't the only ones who offer a valuable virtualization certification path. Continue Reading


Test your Red Hat knowledge with this features quiz

Think you know Red Hat? Prepare for the Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator certification by taking this quiz. It will test your knowledge of Red Hat's features and capabilities and will determine if you're a true virtualization pro. Continue Reading


Popular virtualization certification options

There are many virtualization certifications to choose from, and they're all worth your time. However, these eight popular certifications are among the industry's best known and are sure to get you recognized.

5Certification quiz-

Test your certification knowledge

How well do you know how different virtualization certification path options differ? Take this quiz to find out.

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