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VMworld 2015 conference coverage

The latest news and analysis from the conference


For years, VMware was steering the future of enterprise IT, enabling consolidation, agility and pioneering a vision for the software-defined data center. Even as its core server virtualization business is facing stiff competition, VMware remains the market leader and has made bold strides into end-user mobility and hyper-converged infrastructure markets. In fact, early this year the company announced that the majority of its revenue wasn't coming from its core server virtualization management software, but from its network virtualization, cloud and end-user product lines.

However, cynics seeing new threats posed by containers along with slow NSX and EVO: RAIL adoption are asking whether the company is just paying lip service to these new trends or whether it can offer competitive alternatives as server virtualization loses its luster.

More than 20,000 attendees are expected to join the VMworld 2015 conference in San Francisco to learn more about these new initiatives and find out where the company's more established products are headed.

VMworld 2015 will take place Aug. 30 to Sept. 3 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Check back for our full coverage, including news from the show. 

You can view the Best of VMworld 2015 award winners here.

1Virtualization & SDDC News-

The latest on the SDDC and VMware's core virtualization products


VMworld 2015 fails to impress

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke about the need to pivot like a startup, but VMware is still acting like a lumbering giant. Continue Reading


VMware NSX trial option on the way -- for some

VMware still hasn't allowed public access to a try-before-you-buy NSX evaluation, but a VMUG EVALExperience option is in the works. Continue Reading


VExperts won't buy into VMware NSX without eval options

VMware NSX could be a game changer, but IT pros won't believe it – and won't invest in it – until they can test it for themselves. Continue Reading


VMware NSX roadmap puts focus on SDDC and cloud security

VMware executives talked up the security aspects of an NSX deployment, citing use cases and giving a preview of upcoming features. Continue Reading


VMware prepares VSAN 6.1, promises dedupe next

VMware launches VSAN 6.1 and prepares beta for the next version of the hyper-converged software, which will finally deliver data deduplication. Continue Reading


VMware updates SDN platform for data center networking

VMware releases a new version of its SDN platform. Network administrators are expected to welcome the latest NSX features. Continue Reading


Experts weigh in: VMworld 2015 predictions

Besides updates to its hyper-converged lineup, VMware has been tight-lipped about what it will unveil at VMworld. That won't stop us from guessing. Continue Reading


With VMworld 2015 approaching, taking stock of VMware

VMware has been pushing into new markets and making key acquisitions, but has the company lost its innovative edge? Continue Reading


Top 10 VMworld sessions for 2015

Before you start filling out your VMworld schedule, take a read through our recommendations for the top 10 sessions to attend. Continue Reading


VMware's future hinges on its ability to change direction

Data center upstarts such as Nutanix are making waves by emphasizing flexibility and functionality in their products rather than price and performance. Continue Reading


VMworld conference marks time to reflect on VMware's progress

With VMworld 2015 approaching, we asked our experts to look over the past year to see what's next for VMware. Continue Reading

2Cloud & container news-

The latest in cloud computing and container technologies


VMworld 2015 receives positive reviews from users

As over 23,000 people watched the keynote speeches from VMworld 2015, users took to social media to give their reviews of VMware's announcements. Continue Reading


VMware containerized apps piggyback on virtualization

VMware containerized apps includes technologies tied to virtualization, but some, including Photon Platform, have yet to see the light of day. Continue Reading


New VMware DevOps program boosts developer interest

The first-ever Developer Day at VMworld 2015 was the virtualization giant's first crack at courting a new developer and DevOps audience. Continue Reading


VMware's big plans for vRealize hybrid cloud management

IT pros buying into the hybrid cloud model need tools to manage on-site and public-cloud resources. Surprise, surprise -- VMware has just the thing. Continue Reading


VMware uses open source to further cloud-native apps

Criticized for proprietary lock-in, VMware's open source projects and container support may encourage developers to create cloud-native apps. Continue Reading


VMware forecast: partly cloudy with chance of market gain

VMware has made significant investments in network virtualization, end-user computing and the cloud. By the first-quarter results, those efforts are paying off. Continue Reading


Q&A: VMware CTO dishes on Project Bonneville, containers

VMware CTO Kit Colbert discusses how the company’s Project Bonneville will fit containers into a vSphere infrastructure. Continue Reading

3Hardware & infrastructure news-

Updates on hardware and hyper-converged infrastructure products


VMworld 2015 receives positive reviews from users

As over 23,000 people watched the keynote speeches from VMworld 2015, users took to social media to give their reviews of VMware's announcements. Continue Reading


VMware EVO:RACK timeline, features revealed

VMware EVO:RACK is still a work in progress that won't emerge for many months, but some details, including a new name, have been released. Continue Reading


VMware looks to take EVO:RAIL higher

Looking to boost sales and attract new users, VMware is beefing up its hyper-converged infrastructure offering EVO:RAIL. Continue Reading


Can VMware recover from EVO:RAIL licensing missteps?

VMware's recent adjustments to licensing with EVO:RAIL may not be enough to catch up with Nutanix. Continue Reading


VMware EVO:RAIL attracts lots of tire kickers, few drivers

VMware users are showing interest in EVO:RAIL, but competitive offerings and more complex decision making slows the purchasing process down. Continue Reading


EMC Federation center stage as VMworld 2015 opens

With the future of EMC Federation in the air, the storage giant launches bundle for end user computing and updates its hybrid cloud package. Continue Reading

4End-user computing news-

Desktop and end-user computing trends and news from the show


VMware EUC GM sounds off on VDI competition

VMware's EUC GM Sanjay Poonen believes matching Citrix feature-for-feature isn't as important as having a long-term vision for IT organizations. Continue Reading


Teradici CEO talks VMware, Citrix HDX and PCoIP roadmap

Teradici's PCoIP has been critical to VMware VDI, but that partnership has been in question. Teradici's CEO discusses that, protocol updates and more. Continue Reading


Mobile printing options still aren't up to snuff

Mobile printing hasn't made progress in the enterprise the way other mobile apps have, and some question whether it ever will. Continue Reading


Federal agencies tout VDI security, flexibility

Several IT pros from federal government agencies face the same dilemma as all IT: How to provide security and the freedom and flexibility to support a mobile workforce. Continue Reading


Scant VMware EUC updates leave IT wondering about IoT

VMware didn't move its EUC portfolio many steps forward during VMworld this year, and no word on its IoT plans, leaving some IT pros disappointed. Continue Reading


VMware, Microsoft team up to deliver Windows 10 apps

IT pros will soon have another Windows 10 app delivery option through VMware AirWatch and App Volumes. Continue Reading


Virtual, mobile healthcare apps aim to bring consistency

With patients' medical histories and care on the line, going virtual and mobile often comes down to more than just cost. Continue Reading


Citrix Migration Service aims to lure VMware Horizon shops

Citrix rolled out its new Migration Service this week to make it easier for VMware Horizon customers to make the jump. Continue Reading


VMware Project Enzo about to take on Citrix Workspace Cloud

Citrix and VMware's game of leapfrog continues, this time with "workspace" platforms that put end-user computing management in the cloud. Continue Reading


Keep an eye on Project Enzo, Horizon 6 at VMworld 2015

With VMworld 2015 right around the corner, VMware will likely display its latest innovations in desktop virtualization. Look for Project Enzo to steal some of the buzz away from Citrix's Workspace Cloud offering. Continue Reading

5Best of VMworld 2015 Awards-

Highlighting new and innovative products from the show


The Best of VMworld 2015 Awards winners

The Best of VMworld 2015 Awards recognize the most innovative new server virtualization, cloud and end-user computing products. Continue Reading


Best of VMworld 2015 Awards: Rules and criteria

Please review the award information, rules and criteria before nominating a product. Continue Reading


The Best of VMworld 2014 Awards' winners

The Best of VMworld 2014 Awards recognize the best products on display at VMworld. Continue Reading


The Best of VMworld 2013 award winners

The Best of VMworld 2013 Awards recognizes the most innovative and high-performing products in eight categories. Continue Reading


Best of VMworld 2012 winners

A panel of more than 10 industry experts selected the best technologies for TechTarget'’s Best of VMworld 2012 awards. And the winners are … Continue Reading

6VMworld jargon-

Terms to know at the show

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