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VMworld 2018 conference coverage

We break down news and updates about VMware's software-defined data center and virtualization offerings, the company's cloud computing and container strategy, and its latest advancements in desktop and end-user computing.


VMware's mature hypervisor and extensive ecosystem of management tools make it a leader in the virtualization market. Over the past few years, the company's focus has been on the increasing popularity and demand for cloud platforms and containers.

Partnerships with AWS and Pivotal give users some insight into VMware's strategy. Essentially, it's a head-in-the-clouds, feet-on-the-ground approach. The AWS partnership enables admins to migrate workloads to the cloud and connect on-premises deployments to VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware is also aiming to integrate Pivotal Container Service with vSphere so admins can effectively use and manage containers and VMs in the same environment.

Updates to vSAN, and NSX especially, are also key to the company's strategy. Hyper-converged storage, software-defined networking and microsegmentation all help to ease workload management efforts and provide support for containerized applications.

Although new initiatives and updates to established products are announced all the time, the biggest news is usually reserved for VMware's annual user conference.

VMworld 2018 U.S. will take place Sunday, August 26th through Thursday, August 30th at the convention center at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Check out our full coverage leading up to and during the event, including news from the show floor.

1SDDC and virtualization-

News and updates about VMware's software-defined data center and virtualization offerings


End of general support for vSphere 5.5 looms over IT

VMware will no longer support vSphere 5.5 as of Sept. 19, 2018. As such, IT shops need to decide whether or not to upgrade. Continue Reading


VMware further integrates vSAN 6.7 with vSphere

Support for the vSphere HTML5 client improves the look, feel and management of vSAN 6.7. VMware also added integrated dashboards to the latest version of vSAN. Continue Reading


NSX helps solve management and security problems

Improvements to VMware microsegmentation in NSX make it a viable option for organizations considering software-defined networking, and they can lead to increased adoption. Continue Reading


VMware microsegmentation technology reaches from NSX to AppDefense

NSX microsegmentation combined with AppDefense provides something akin to hyper-segmentation, which applies isolation within services all the way down to the process level. Continue Reading


Closing the features gap between NSX and NSX-T versions

NSX-T, which is for non-vSphere-based infrastructures, doesn't quite offer the same feature set as NSX for vSphere. However, version 2.1 does include integration with Pivotal Container Service. Continue Reading

2Container and cloud news-

Explore VMware's cloud computing and container


Keep an eye on Pivotal and other VMware partnerships

In the past, product news has taken the spotlight at VMware's annual user conference, but, recently, partnerships have been among the big announcements. Will this be the case for 2018? Continue Reading


VMware aims to integrate PKS with vSphere

There's been an increased focus on containers lately, but VMs aren't being phased out. Each instance type has its own use cases, so modern virtual infrastructures utilize both. Continue Reading


VMC on AWS use cases and early adopters

VMware Cloud on AWS enables administrators to migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud or to connect an on-premises VMware deployment to VMC on AWS. Continue Reading


VMware Cloud on AWS and EC2 instances on AWS cost comparison

Get some insight on VMware Cloud on AWS pricing, which is based on the number of provisioned hosts and whether admins use on-demand or reserved consumption, and Elastic Compute Cloud pricing. Continue Reading


Understand the advantages of VMware Cloud on AWS

Administrators must examine their reasons for moving to the cloud and the benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS to determine if the offering will help them meet their current business needs and future goals. Continue Reading

3End-user computing news-

The latest advancements in VMware desktop and end-user computing


Use VMware Workstation to create a VDI test deployment

Create a VDI test deployment with VMware Workstation by following this step-by-step tutorial. Using this method, admins can test out their deployment before moving users to virtual desktops. Continue Reading


Learn what VMware Remote Console is and how to run it

VMRC is an application that adds remote console functionality to vSphere Web Client. Use it to access VMs from remote clients and to perform console and device operations. Continue Reading

Blog Post

New and upcoming VMware Workspace One capabilities

VMware Workspace One Intelligence, Mobile Flows and support for the Microsoft Graph API for Intune are all general availability now. Keep an eye out for Workspace One Trust Network and AirLift. Continue Reading


Western Digital organizes 3,000 apps with VMware Workspace One

The cloud-based model and application portal of VMware Workspace One made it a good fit for Western Digital, which was looking for a way to integrate technologies and workflows. Continue Reading


Monitor VDI deployments with VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon

This tool gathers performance and usage data in VMware and Citrix VDI deployments and has a customizable interface. Learn how the product works with this in-depth article. Continue Reading

4Best of VMworld Awards-

Best of VMworld Awards


Best of VMworld 2018 U.S. Awards: Rules and criteria

Read the updated rules, criteria and categories for the Best of VMworld 2018 U.S. Awards before nominating a product to ensure it meets the requirements. Continue Reading


Best of VMworld 2018 U.S. Awards: Nomination form

After reading the updated rules and criteria, nominate a product for the Best of VMworld 2018 U.S. Awards. Winners will be announced on the show floor in Las Vegas. Continue Reading

Photo Story

Best of VMworld 2017 U.S. Award winners

Check out which products took home a Best of VMworld 2017 U.S. Award last year, which products were finalists and what the judges had to say about the winners. Continue Reading

Photo Story

Best of VMworld 2016 U.S. Award winners

The Best of VMworld 2016 U.S. Award winners from VMware's annual user conference include products in seven different categories, two judges' choice winners and a best of show. Continue Reading

Photo Story

Best of VMworld 2015 U.S. Award winners

Find out which products took home the gold in the Best of VMworld 2015 U.S. Awards. The best of show winner was chosen among the winners of the other categories. Continue Reading

5Key VMware terms-

Learn this VMware jargon to prepare for the conference

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