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July/August 2017, Vol. 6, No. 7

Hyperbole shades the perceived advantages of private cloud

As the public cloud becomes more accepted by business today, a question remains: Whatever happened to the advantages of private cloud? The private cloud was supposed to bring the type of flexibility, self-service and scalability that the public cloud delivered without relying on someone else's equipment. This promise meant companies could enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing while keeping it private and secure. There are both paid tools, such as VMware's vCloud Director, and open source offerings, such as OpenStack, designed to help your business make that journey. The problem is, very few businesses took this approach, and it's looking less likely that many others will build a private cloud. The growth of AWS and Azure didn't help private cloud adoption, but these hyperscale cloud providers didn't kill off private clouds all by themselves. Private cloud principles One of the chief benefits of a cloud is scalability. The cloud's ability to instantly accommodate demand and scale resources during a spike is based on the ...

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