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October 2013, Volume 2, Number 9

Data center mapping, server tags offer easy monitoring and management

Even in an era of consolidation, data center management is not cut-and-dried. IT admins can manage vast server farms from a desk, but in many cases data centers are still rooms or buildings full of servers. With this in mind, data center mapping and server tags could offer IT admins some much needed management support. A technology called vSight, part of VMware’s advanced development program, would let a data center manager tag servers with an identifier—be it a QR code, a radio code or another type of asset tag—then map those servers and their locations with a mobile app. Users could also choose which features to track on each server, such as temperature, health or drive failures. It’s physical management, and a way to navigate a data center. “It’s like a live map of the physical assets of the data center,” said Sean Borman, director of innovation in the Office of the CTO at VMware. Any type of optical or radio code can be used as server tags, though RFID tags aren’t ideal because of the “electronic noise” that a data center ...

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