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June 2015, Volume 4, Issue 6

As virtualization plateaus, bare-metal computing finds a niche

Over the past year, IBM has aggressively pursued both bare-metal server and container strategies with its SoftLayer cloud platform and through a relationship with Docker, respectively. The company is in the process of porting all of its core software products to fully work with SoftLayer, which it has optimized to exploit the performance of bare-metal servers. The company also has an alliance with OpenStack, which it sees as a key component in allowing corporate users to smoothly integrate traditional virtualized environments with containers and bare metal. "We recommend virtualization users manage their environments with OpenStack, which then allows them to bring Docker in for containers," said Angel Diaz, IBM's vice president in charge of cloud architecture. "One of the reasons we are working with Docker is to help users take advantage of SoftLayer right to the bare metal, which completes the integration picture." Rackspace jumped into the market last year with OnMetal Cloud Servers. This API-focused infrastructure as a ...

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