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July 2014, Volume 3, Issue 7

Why virtualization admins should temper hopes for the VMworld agenda

Legions of virtualization administrators are busy filling out their VMworld agenda, and chances are they will be somewhat disappointed by VMware's lack of focus on its core virtualization products at the show. VMware is probably doing something wrong if this reaction isn't prevalent among that crowd.   VMware straddles a fine line between keeping current customers excited while also shifting its attention to new audiences. It wasn't long ago that it had the server virtualization market cornered. In 2011, by all accounts, VMware was the clear leader when it came to enterprise virtualization. Challenges from Citrix XenServer had faded and Microsoft's Hyper-V was a free but untrusted newcomer. Even as its lead in the virtualization market grew, the company went on a curious shopping spree, purchasing companies like Zimbra, SlideRocket and WaveMaker as part of a diversification effort. These investments confused many customers, and VMware spent little time explaining how each acquisition fit into an overarching strategy. Just a few ...

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