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September 2014, Volume 3, Issue 8

Docker containers, virtualization can work in harmony

Docker container technology has taken the cloud and application development world by storm since it was open-sourced a little over a year ago, offering a low-overhead way to package and deploy applications across a variety of Linux instances. VMware took notice, announcing at VMworld 2014 its partnership with Docker, Google and Pivotal to integrate containers and virtualization. But enterprise IT, where traditional server virtualization is pervasive and entrenched, has little use for the technology. Or does it? Proponents of the technology maintain that Docker and its underlying Linux Containers (LXC) technology suffer from much less CPU and storage overhead than traditional hypervisors, therefore providing better performance and greater consolidation. Boden Russell, an advisory software engineer with IBM Global Services, benchmarked OpenStack running on KVM against Docker and LXC and found that Docker either outperformed KVM by a wide margin, or was at least comparable. That led him to conclude that "traditional VMs will become...

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  • Why nonpersistent VDI hasn't taken off

    by  Brian Madden

    Nonpersistent VDI sounds great in theory, but beneath the surface lay management and application compatibility nightmares. For these reasons, many shops look to persistent VDI, but new tools could make shared images easier to implement and manage.