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October 2015 issue, Volume 4, Issue 10

Microsoft containers gain data center momentum

It's no secret that thanks to Docker, containers are all the rage, and that Docker containers are based on Linux. Where does that leave Microsoft? In an interesting place, it turns out. Modern Infrastructure caught up with Microsoft veteran John Gossman, an architect on the Azure core team, for his take on the situation. Modern Infrastructure: Containers have been around a long time. Prior to Docker, did you see much demand for the technology? John Gossman: No, we did not. [Windows has had] some fundamental features that you need to do containers for a long time now. For example, Job Objects, which, like Linux cgroups, allows you to control resource consumption. And there have been third-party attempts to do [Windows] containers in the past, but without access to the kernel, it's impossible to do it well. What [Docker creator] Solomon Hykes did was combine a bunch of container technologies in to a nice feature set for developers. It was really an aesthetic innovation, and I think it took everyone by surprise -- even Solomon. MI:...

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