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October 2015 issue, Volume 4, Issue 10

VMworld 2015 fails to impress

Every year I try to ask as many VMworld attendees as possible about their overall impression of the show. In previous years I've jotted down notes with words like "wow," "disruptive" and "game-changing." This year, it wasn't a particular word, but more of a sound that I kept hearing: "Meh." The VMworld 2015 dullness extended to many vendors and partners in the exhibition hall. Part of this ambivalence could simply be the result of more straightforward, less jazzy keynote presentations. It's rumored that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger has put the kibosh on much of the theatrical song-and-dance numbers that previously opened the event. For the first time I can remember, speakers entered and exited from the front of the stage, returning to the audience when they finished rather than disappearing behind a curtain. And a worrying number of attendees walked out of the first keynote address before Kit Colbert, the CTO of cloud-native apps, even took the stage. However, most VMworld attendees are serious IT professionals who come to learn ...

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