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September 2015, Volume 4, Issue 8

As interest grows, container management features still missing

As the container craze continues to gain popularity, admins are starting to look deeper. Container management tools have become a hot topic, but how necessary are they? It depends on who you ask. is a service provider that offers a back end for organizations developing mobile applications. It also allows customers to upload custom code to its service in the form of a Docker container. started working with Docker back in the pre-historic days of 2013, when there were very few if any management tools available for the platform. As such, it created its own API-based management layer that performs tasks such as starting and stopping containers and restarting them in the event of a failure. But the ephemeral nature of the containers that runs also limits its need for elaborate workload orchestration and placement tools such as Google Kubernetes or Mesosphere, said Nishant Patel, CTO. Instead, the team simply monitors the queue of containers that it needs to process, and if the queue fills up, it ...

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