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November 2016, Vol. 5, No. 10

VSphere Integrated Containers update from VMware's Kit Colbert

Containerization has disrupted IT, with customers and vendors alike scrambling to integrate containers into existing infrastructures. One such company trying to keep up with the latest trend is VMware, which promised to give customers a familiar way to manage containers. We spoke with Kit Colbert, VP and GM of the cloud-native apps business unit at VMware, to get an update on the company's projects. What's the status of vSphere Integrated Containers today? Kit Colbert: It's been an interesting evolution. Last year, we announced this prototype called Project Bonneville, which was sort of a proof of concept -- the idea that this integration of Docker containers into the vSphere runtime is achievable. The original vSphere Integrated Containers was completely Docker-centric. We actually modified the Docker engine. Unfortunately, due to the architecture of the Docker engine, we weren't able to do what you might call a clean integration in a way that leveraged well-defined APIs. We had to get deep in there in order to make it work the...

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