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December/January issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

How VMware handles changing virtual data center dynamics

Over the past decade, server virtualization made software a powerful force in the data center, giving IT departments more flexibility and bringing about more efficient operations. It turns out that virtualization was the easy part. Applying its principles to other areas of data center dynamics is still a work in progress. The natural extensions of the server virtualization trend—cloud computing, software-defined networking, changes in business models—have not had such a clear path to success. Cloud security concerns still persist. Software-defined networking has yet to realize its potential. And VMware’s move to vRAM licensing and pricing, a more cloud-like model, proved so unpopular that the company abandoned it after only a year. Stephen Herrod, VMware’s chief technology officer, discussed these changing data center dynamics and more in this One on One interview. Modern Infrastructure: With all of the talk about software-defined data centers, storage and networking, why should IT professionals trust software vendors like ...

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