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November Volume 1, Issue 2

Social media: Coming to an enterprise near you

What if you were friends with your servers on Facebook? What if you followed your servers on Twitter? What if you could just instant-message a command to a server? It may seem silly to consider social networking as a big part of data center infrastructure. After all, social networking is usually something you do on your own time, under a pseudonym, while vehemently denying any affiliation with your employer. But the shrinking use of pagers in the enterprise, recent conference demos and even some shipping products all make me think the social network isn’t far away from infiltrating corporate IT. Enterprise, Meet the Social Network Arista Networks uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, or XMPP—originally called Jabber, an instant messaging protocol—as part of its CloudVision switch management framework. Many enterprises are using XMPP-based IM servers internally so that humans can communicate with one another professionally and securely. Arista Networks has enabled its switches to chat, too, by joining conference ...

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