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April 2017, Vol. 6, No. 4

Is it time to buy into container management platforms?

Virtualization became an IT mainstay because it eased software development by providing an abstraction layer between system hardware and software. But even this widely adopted technology is being threatened by the industry's never-ending quest to build a better mousetrap. Here come containers. New York-based analyst firm 451 Research thinks containers eventually may have a greater impact on IT than the OpenStack project. While the nascent technology is generating buzz, its ecosystem is new and missing functionality, such as strong container management platforms. Use in production so far is minimal. Containers are gaining attention because they offer improved portability when developing and deploying applications and because they use resources more efficiently than VMs. Organizations are under pressure to respond quickly to changing market demands, and increased competition shrinks product lifecycles. In response, businesses have been adopting DevOps to quicken the pace of new software releases. Containers speed up program ...

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