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February 2016 issue, Volume 5, Issue 2

The cloud bursting bubble: Still no easy solution to compute spikes

Cloud bursting: the prospect of paying only for what you use has long spurred interest in public cloud computing, from both C-level executives and IT managers faced with lean budgets. A hybrid cloud that can elastically expand workloads to a public cloud provider during peak demand -- and then scale back to the original in-house servers when demand subsides -- tempts organizations with promises of unlimited, uninterrupted service free of large capital outlays. It's easy to see why cloud bursting is attractive. A hybrid cloud model in which workloads move seamlessly across clouds and dynamically adjust to changing demand serves as a shining example of how IT can enable the business to respond to its customers. However, the reality is that bursting in-house workloads to exploit the near-limitless resources of a public cloud has been more than a headache; for most organizations, it's unobtainable. "I do not think it is as prevalent as most people think it is," said Edward Haletky, principal analyst at The Virtualization Practice. "...

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  • Server SSDs open up storage possibilities in data centers

    by  Jim O'Reilly

    We've reached a point where it's easy to justify equipping servers with SSDs: the performance gains they offer enable new workloads, and improve end-user satisfaction with response time and run time. In many cases, SSDs pay for themselves by avoiding new server purchases. There is simply no reason not to migrate from HDD to SSD in servers anymore.

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