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June 2008, Vol. 3

Decoding the VMware universe

As VMware Inc’s virtualization technologies permeate data centers, IT professionals often find themselves lost in a complex galaxy of technologies and services that they understand only vaguely. Data center managers perplexed by VMware’s myriad virtualization options need to know about the pieces of the ecosystem, how they fit together and how to determine which technologies best serve their needs. This article aims to separate the wheat from the chaff and orient you in this new world of the VMware ecosystem. The VMware ecosystem: The building blocks Just a few years ago, VMware Inc. offered little more than a basic platform. Now there’s depth and breadth in the company’s various technologies. Indeed, VMware provides almost everything needed to build a complex, dynamic, production-level virtualization environment. VMware’s partner universe has also evolved from a handful to hundreds of third-party software and hardware companies offering products that may replace, complement or fill a gap in the VMware arsenal. The VMware ...

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