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June 2008, Vol. 3

Virtual desktop delivery and management options: Reducing complexity, increasing flexibility

Today deployed desktop systems have sprawled to an unmanageable number. For at least a decade, IT managers in corporate environments have managed an ever-increasing number of desktops. And for about that long, some vendors have offered point solutions that are mere Band-Aids and have addressed only part of the problem. Now widespread server consolidation projects—many of which are based on virtualization—have naturally led to a desire to corral desktop sprawl too. And as vendors have responded to that desire, IT managers must sift through a fleet of desktop delivery and management products to decide which have promise and which are lemons. IT administrators have trouble managing distributed desktops for a simple reason: There’s no one tool or suite that allows them to administer desktops from a distance. This is where desktop delivery comes in. And this is where desktop delivery systems have the opportunity to become the tool by which administrators deploy desktops and manage users, operating systems and applications. Even if a ...

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