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December 2008, Vol. 6

Virtual lab management planning best practices

It’s little wonder that IT shops often begin a foray into virtualization by deploying the technology in a test and development environment. Not only is a virtual lab a low-risk environment in which to begin a deployment, it offers other benefits, including automating lab system provisioning and reducing the number of servers needed to run a lab environment. Still, virtualizing test environments comes with some important caveats, including virtualization and lab management platform nuances, backup and recovery concerns, networking considerations, and high availability issues. This article outlines the benefits of and foremost considerations in virtualizing test labs. Since the advent of x86 virtualization, deploying virtual labs to support development, test and training has been the most frequent starting point for organizations headed down the virtualization path. Virtualizing a test lab is an easy choice, because you don’t have to risk issues with production resources and infrastructure management benefits from virtualization’s...

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