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February 2010, Vol. 19

Overcoming virtualization challenges: Capacity planning, provisioning

Technologies like virtualization have eased some of the physical issues of managing data centers, allowing less hardware to handle more workloads. But this added utilization and flexibility can bring a few virtualization challenges. The abstraction of virtualization has complicated data center management, requiring more technical and procedural regulation to keep the environment from spiraling out of control. More on virtualization challenges and capacity planning Virtualization problems: When good deployments go bad How cloud computing will change capacity management Virtualization capacity planning strategy guide Virtualization capacity planning explained What causes virtualization challenges Virtualization challenges occur because virtualizing an infrastructure makes it harder to locate problems. In traditional non-virtualized environments, tracing a failed application to a faulty server or subsystem was a relatively simple matter. Virtualization places numerous workloads on the same server and can migrate virtual machines (...

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