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May 2010, Vol. 22

Better networking strategies for virtual server environments

Server virtualization supports enormous opportunities for hardware consolidation and promotes a level of business agility that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Although virtualization certainly solves some significant problems, it also creates new problems that IT administrators need to address. The most serious effects of server virtualization can occur in the network. The areas of significant impact can be either between the virtual workloads on a physical host server or across the infrastructure that connects physical servers. If left uncorrected, these networking challenges can severely limit an organization’s ability to scale server virtualization and manage it effectively. When looking at ways to ensure scalable server virtualization, it’s important for administrators to examine some networking issues within the server and consider other network issues outside of the server. Hypervisor as a target of attack Every server virtualization platform installs a hypervisor that abstracts each virtual machine (VM) ...

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