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December 2009, Vol. 17

Selecting the best virtual server for your enterprise

Success with virtualization depends on the underlying servers. Even though virtualization introduces a software layer that abstracts each workload from the hardware, the servers must still provide adequate computing resources that fit within an organization’s financial goals. An organization needs to understand the forces that drive server selection, recognize the offerings from different vendors and demonstrate a keen knowledge of internal budgeting. Then it’s possible to focus on more specific details such as hardware considerations, operating system choices, systems management decisions and even the virtualization platform itself. So what kind of servers should you specify for your enterprise? Which vendors and operating systems should you consider? How might virtualization influence your choice? TechTarget surveyed IT professionals about their current and future server decisions, and here is what they had to say. Picking servers for data centers Let’s start by understanding the issues that drive server selection in the ...

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