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May 2008, Vol 2

Eliminate I/O bottlenecks, improve VM performance

If you're a virtualization administrator struggling with input/output (I/O) bottlenecks, you're in a common, but not hopeless, situation. I/O clogs in virtualized infrastructures have many sources, including storage systems and networks. While some automated virtualization tools that can help you avoid I/O bottlenecks are on the way and some exist now, there's no panacea for network ills. So for the present, your best bet is to identify and ameliorate bottlenecks at their source. In this article, we focus on the I/O bottlenecks that occur at various levels of your data center, which include CPU, memory, storage, the system bus, the network, the blade chassis and others. It's easy to get mired in predictions about the future and how you'll exploit next-generation data center automation tools to solve performance problems, but discussion of solutions on the horizon doesn't help you today. So I'll keep my discussion of upcoming I/O fix-it products to a minimum and focus on what's possible with technologies available now. Products ...

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