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May 2009, Vol. 10

Using virtual systems management to define server ownership

Andi Mann In deploying and managing virtualization, one of IT's most persistent problems is overcoming the political issues that come with major technological change. These issues often center on the fundamental conflict between business units and IT over which unit owns and pays for servers in a virtual data center. In this tip, I'll identify some basic virtual systems management (VSM) disciplines, such as chargeback and capacity planning, that help eliminate business-unit wrangling and enable IT to develop an approach to future service delivery. How virtualization has changed server allocation and ownership When applications moved from multi-tenant environments like z/OS, VMS and AS/400 systems, business units and department managers effectively began buying and using their own dedicated physical systems. Each business application ran on a specific server in the data center, usually sporting a distinctive label to identiy the server's purpose. Each department requisitioned its own servers, paid for them out of its budget, had ...

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