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August 2008, Vol. 4

Why SAP virtualization is now a reality

In our fourth issue of Virtual Data Center, Chris Wolf explains why virtualizing mission-critical applications like SAP -- a once-risky prospect -- should now be a serious consideration for IT shops. With changes to hardware and new technologies like Nested Page Tables, the lower latency and support for virtualizing these applications has made virtualizing SAP a reality. Lauren Horwitz details how one IT shop has embarked on virtualizing SAP in multiple data centers as part of its disaster recovery strategy -- with some caveats. Finally, David Davis discusses the seemingly opposing goals of virtual environments and change management and explains how the dynamic, rapid change of a virtualized data center can still benefit from change management tools like configuration management databases.

Features in this issue

  • Virtualizing SAP becomes a reality

    by  Chris Wolf

    Just two years ago, bringing mission-critical applications like SAP into a production environment seemed like a bit of fiction. But today, new hardware offerings and hardware-assisted memory virtualization have made the prospect a reality.

  • Virtualizing SAP: For many shops, still the next frontier

    by  Lauren Horwitz

    Despite clear benefits and advances in virtualization-related technologies, IT shops remain wary of bringing mission-critical applications into a virtual environment. One global provider of heating and plumbing supplies, however, has embarked on the task of virtualizing SAP

  • Managing change in dynamic virtual environments

    by  David Davis

    Virtualization brings flexibility and dexterity, enabling rapid change. But change management processes are at odds with that flexibility. How can you reconcile the two?

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