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Answers to burning Microsoft Hyper-V Replica questions

Hyper-V Replica is included in Hyper-V 3.0 without any extra cost, but what do you need to use it? When is the right time to host your applications in Hyper-V Replica? These questions and more are answered right here.

One of Window Server 2012's biggest secret weapons is not just that it includes Hyper-V Replica, but that it's built in without an extra cost in Hyper-V 3.0. Microsoft Hyper-V Replica creates and handles copies of virtual machines, which helps companies recover in case of a virtual disaster. With copies created, the business can quickly switch to the replicated VMs and continue to run as normal.

Hyper-V Replica might seem simple on the outside. But there's much more to it, and five frequently asked questions about it are answered right here.

What do I need to use Hyper-V Replica?

Microsoft Hyper-V Replica creates copies on a VM-by-VM basis and is a free option with Windows Server 2012, but what do you need to make it work? For starters, you'll need enough disk space and enough memory to hold the copies to make Hyper-V Replica an option for your company.

What are the best management options for Hyper-V Replica servers?

When you're copying information from the primary server to the replica server, choosing the way to configure Microsoft Hyper-V Replica can be tough. But of all the options, there are two that stand above the rest: Hyper-V Manager GUI and Hyper-V PowerShell.

When is the right time to host applications in Hyper-V Replica?

There are pros and cons to hosting applications in Microsoft Hyper-V Replica, and deciding when to use it will depend on the type of application you're using. The answer if you have a built-in mechanism to replicate the data differs from the answer if there isn't such a mechanism built in.

How exactly does Microsoft Hyper-V Replica work?

Microsoft Hyper-V Replica functions are provided by the Replication Engine, which is where Replication Manager and Replication Tracker run. Then there is the Network Module and the Change Tracking Module. But what does all of this mean? Here's a peek at how it all works.

Is my bandwidth up to par for Hyper-V Replica?

Knowing what Microsoft Hyper-V Replica does is one thing, but figuring out whether you can use it properly is another. Hyper-V Replica can generally create replica VMs over a low-bandwidth link, but there are plenty of factors to be figured out before you can start using it.

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