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Best of VMworld 2017 US Awards: Rules & criteria

Read the updated rules, criteria and categories for the Best of VMworld 2017 US Awards to find out what the requirements are for each product nomination.

TechTarget's Best of VMworld Awards recognize the most outstanding products on display at VMware's annual user conference.

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The nomination period will open on June 28, 2017. has extended the nomination window and will accept nominations until 5 p.m. (Pacific Time) on Friday, July 28, 2017 and announce winners on the VMworld 2017 show floor in Las Vegas. Before nominating a product, please read the official rules and awards criteria:

A team of expert judges -- consisting of editors, independent analysts, consultants and users -- will evaluate the nominated products and select winners in the following categories:

  • Workload management and migration
  • Agility and automation
  • Virtualization and cloud infrastructure
  • Networking and virtualization
  • Data protection
  • Security
  • End-user computing, mobility and desktop virtualization

 (See the full category descriptions and judging criteria below.)

A Best of Show winner will also be selected from the individual category winners; nomination forms should not be submitted for this category. If you submit nominations for multiple products, complete one form for each product. The same product may not be entered in multiple categories.

Only products that have shipped and are available between September 2, 2016 and July 26, 2017 will be considered for this year's awards. The product must be generally available before the submission period closes. Products that will not be generally available until after July 26, 2017 will be eligible for next year's awards. All product nomination forms must include a link to a public announcement or press release containing the official product GA date.

Nominations must also include the name and contact information for at least one customer reference. This customer must have access to the exact version of the generally available product for which the nomination is submitted (i.e. if the nomination is for version 1.2 of the product, the customer must have access to 1.2). Customer references may be contacted by judges, but their names and contact information will not be shared or published.

Vendors must have a booth presence at VMworld, and all products must be available on the show floor should a judge request a demo. Not all nominees will be contacted directly by judges or interviewed in person.

Submissions that fail to follow rules and regulations will be disqualified.

If you have a question about the Best of VMworld Awards nomination process, email [email protected].

Best of VMworld 2017 US Awards judging criteria

Judges will evaluate products in each category based on the following areas:

Innovation: Does the product introduce new capabilities or significant improvements? Does it break new ground?

Performance: Does the product perform to a degree that it could improve overall data center operation?

Ease of integration into environment: How easily does the product integrate with other products? Can the product operate effectively in heterogeneous environments?

Ease of use and manageability: Is the product easy to install? Are the product's functions clear and easy to learn and run? Will the product scale to accommodate growth?

Functionality: Does the product deliver as promised? Does it provide greater or more useful functionality than others in its category?

Value: Does the product represent a cost-effective solution? Can its return on investment be easily justified?

Fills a market gap: What needs does the product uniquely meet? What problems does it solve?

Best of VMworld 2017 Awards categories

Please review the category descriptions carefully before nominating products. Remember, a product can only be entered in one category. If you believe a product would be eligible for more than one category, use your best judgment in choosing a category, drawing from the examples included in the category descriptions and customer expectations. Judges have the authority to reassign products they believe were entered into the wrong category.

Workload management and migration: Legitimate entrants monitor, track and manage workloads either in on-premises servers or in cloud environments, or enable migration of workloads across cloud platforms. Examples include products that monitor performance, troubleshoot workload availability, manage VM lifecycles and automate workload deployment or configuration.

Agility and automation: Legitimate entrants include tools, platforms and services that enable organizations to deliver and manage IT operations in an agile, DevOps fashion.

Virtualization and cloud infrastructure: Legitimate entrants include hardware products designed to enable organizations to build virtual infrastructures, including compute and storage hardware. Examples include storage arrays and hyper-converged infrastructure appliances, as well as software products designed to manage or virtualize hardware -- such as software-designed storage.

Networking and virtualization: Legitimate entrants are hardware and/or software technologies that enhance networking in virtual or cloud infrastructures and/or enable and optimize virtualized networks. Examples include network switches, routers and software or services that enhance networking in a virtual or cloud environment.

Data protection: Legitimate entrants include software products or cloud services (DRaaS) that are designed to back up, restore, replicate data and/or achieve fault tolerance in a virtual server or cloud infrastructure.

Security: Legitimate entrants monitor and protect hypervisors, cloud workloads, guest operating systems and virtual networks and enforce security best practices.

End-user computing, mobility and desktop virtualization:  Legitimate entrants include products that secure mobile devices, applications and content while enabling mobile productivity or software and/or hardware platforms that deliver or enhance the delivery of desktops and applications to various endpoints.

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