Citrix Synergy 2009 conference news guide

Catch up on XenServer 5.5, Citrix Dazzle and all the news coming out of Citrix Synergy in Las Vegas with this collection of articles and podcasts.

The Citrix Synergy 2009 conference is taking place in Las Vegas this week, and the major players in server, desktop and application virtualization are there to learn about Citrix Systems' new products.

This Citrix Synergy news guide covers all of the major stories coming out of the conference. Learn about XenServer 5.5, Citrix Dazzle, NetScaler VPX, Citrix Receiver and more with these articles and podcasts.

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Citrix Synergy 2009 news articles
Citrix Synergy 2009 podcasts
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Citrix Synergy 2009 news articles

IT shops show interested in loaded XenServer 5.0
VMware and Microsoft grab most of the attention in the server virtualization market these days, but there's growing evidence that IT shops are giving much stronger consideration to Citrix XenServer. IT managers and Citrix partners at Synergy 2009 said XenApp is giving Citrix a foot in the door with customers looking to do more with server virtualization.

Citrix aims to dazzle with self-service portal, iPhone client
Citrix brings self-service IT and iPhone support to its enterprise application delivery portfolio with Dazzle, which lets users subscribe to applications in the XenApp catalog on an as-needed basis. Citrix compares Dazzle to the Apple iTunes Store and DirectTV's show catalog.

Citrix fills gap with XenServer Active Directory support
XenServer 5.5, announced at Citrix Synergy 2009, will finally offer role-based access control thanks to Active Directory integration. The new version of the Xen-based hypervisor will also include support for the SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 and Debian 5.0 guest operating systems.

Citrix virtual desktop, app delivery controller includes security benefits
The new Citrix Receiver and NetScaler VPX offer serious security improvements for desktop virtualization and application delivery users. Citrix Receiver keeps user data off endpoints and in the data center, which reduces the risks from lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices. And NetScaler VPX lets users deploy embedded Web application firewalls with applications, instead of having to deploy hardware appliances in front of applications.

Citrix Synergy 2009 podcasts

Citrix XenServer 5.5 beta available for download
The release of the Citrix XenServer 5.5 beta is the top story on This Week in Virtualization. Learn about the new features in XenServer 5.5, including Active Directory integration, workload balancing and expanded support for guest operating systems in this podcast.

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Citrix looks outside for help with client hypervisor
Citrix enlisted the help of Virtual Computer to develop its Xen-based bare-metal client hypervisor. Read more about the partnership in this blog.

Citrix-XenSource acquisition falls short of some partners' hopes
Back in February -- before Citrix started giving away XenServer and introduced version 5.5 -- some channel partners were growing restless with the company's $500 million XenSource acquisition. Citrix hadn't taken full advantage of the Xen technology and had let Microsoft sneak into the server virtualization picture, they said.

Free XenServer virtualization hypervisor helps Citrix, partners say
Citrix said it will give away XenServer 5 for free. Citrix CTO Simon Crosby touted the features in the free version of XenServer, compared to VMware's free hypervisor, which he called "a toy."

Free Citrix XenServer missing advanced features
Citrix plans to give away the meat of what was XenServer Enterprise Edition for free. But the company will also remove some features from the base package and move them into Essentials for XenServer, an add-on pack priced between $1,500 and $5,000 per server node.

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