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CloudBolt tops Impact Awards for private cloud management

Organizations looking to deploy a private or hybrid cloud have a bevy of software tools to choose from. Our 'Modern Infrastructure' Impact Awards can help narrow the options.

For years IT professionals have heard the potential advantages of a private cloud, but the reality is that a true private cloud has been elusive for most organizations. Many still aren't sure exactly what a private cloud is or are unsure how to create one. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a private cloud is simply a highly-virtualized environment. However, a true private cloud must pair virtualization with both automation and business management tools. The challenge lays in choosing the correct tools and putting them to work in your environment.

TechTarget's Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards annually highlights some of the industry's best products and service providers to help IT professionals make those difficult decisions. Judges selected winners in several categories, including the Best Private/Hybrid Cloud Management Software. If you're considering a private cloud, CloudBolt, this year's Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards winner, can help you understand what a true private cloud should be.

CloudBolt's software caught the eye of judges early on as feature-rich product that can help an IT organization run more like a cloud service provider. Modern Infrastructure readers agreed. In fact, competing among nine other finalists, CloudBolt still managed to collect 54% of reader votes.

"CloudBolt installed in our environment in an incredibly short period of time and did an extremely comprehensive import of our environment," one reader said. "We literally turned our existing infrastructure into an Amazon-like cloud in a matter of minutes.  If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it."

Voters commented on the product's ease of use, ability to integrate with multiple platforms and the fact that it is vendor agnostic.

"I've tried CloudBolt, and it's very easy to use," another reader said. "I was able to deploy it and get it running by myself.  It supports a wide range of clouds, configuration managers, and orchestration tools.  That's what I want in a cloud management platform."

On the other hand, if you're looking for a top-to-bottom hybrid cloud approach or are considering a new build, you might consider the runner-up in this category. The EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud includes a collection of hardware, software and cloud services from some of the industry's leading vendors, and was awarded an honorable mention for Best Private/Hybrid Cloud Management Software category.

You can read more about CloudBolt and view winners in other categories at the Modern Infrastructure 2016 Impact Award winners photostory.

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