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Exploring VMware EVO:RAIL partners and use cases

Members of the VMware EVO:RAIL partners list are starting to roll out their appliances for the hyper-converged infrastructure offering. Here's five links to help you learn all about them.

VMware announced its hyper-converged infrastructure EVO:RAIL, along with its hardware partner list, at VMworld 2014. Fast forward six months and now those hardware partners are starting to trickle out their EVO:RAIL appliances. But what's the difference between all of those partners?

These tips and features explore what separates each partner while also looking at what the best case scenario for EVO:RAIL is -- as well as where it's lacking. After you've learned all about EVO:RAIL, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

The differences between VMware’s EVO:RAIL partners
VMware has established a list of partners that will handle the hardware aspect of EVO:RAIL. While the underlying technology is the same, there are a few differences between the products offered by HP, Dell and others on the partner list.

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NetApp signs on as EVO: RAIL partner
One of the partners that has already rolled out its appliance is NetApp. NetApp Integrated EVO: RAIL Solution combines VMware's Virtual SAN (VSAN) hyper-converged software with NetApp Data Ontap operating system and cloud storage.

HP goes hyper-converged with EVO: RAIL
Hewlett Packard, which was on VMware's original partner list released at VMworld 2014, was one of the first companies to release hardware for EVO:RAIL. The CS 200-HC EVO: RAIL is HP's offering that conforms to VMware EVO: RAIL specs.

EMC unveils its EVO: RAIL appliance
Although it isn't the first -- HP, Dell and NetApp have already released their appliances -- EMC has released its EVO: RAIL appliance. EMC combined VMware's VSAN hyper-converged software with its internal data protection and cloud features for its EMC Vspex Blue appliance.

Pop quiz on VMware EVO:RAIL 
EVO:RAIL drew a lot of interest when they were announced at VMworld 2014 and now that you've had a chance to read all about it and its partners, it's time to see how much you've learned. Are you an EVO:RAIL expert yet?

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