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For VMware, applications market is out of comfort zone

The applications market is new to VMware, thanks to Zimbra. For VMware, applications could be a tough sell, Server Virtualization Advisory Board member Rob McShinsky argues.

Rob McShinsky
Senior systems engineer, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

The acquisition of an application stack by VMware may be necessary to remain competitive, but it takes VMware out of their comfort zone, where they have been so dominant.

Leaving out the elephant in the room, Google, I see VMware and Microsoft coming from two different directions, trying to converge on the same outcome. VMware has excelled in the server virtualization arena, and Microsoft has dominated the end-user application space. I believe the private or public cloud application stack that is most familiar and/or easiest to transition to will win market share.

Business objectives and application standardization usually prevail in these cases, even for small businesses. End users and CEOs alike care very little about what their applications are running on. For that reason, I think it will be very hard for VMware to be successful in being the most dominant infrastructure-to-application data center stack.

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