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How to maintain a secure virtualization environment

It's important to not only take the big issues into consideration but also remember about small problems to keep a secure virtualization environment.

When it comes to security, especially in today's day and age, it's better to be safe than sorry. As virtualization becomes more popular among businesses and companies, the amount of ways that your environment can be attacked grows too. You might think you are taking all of the necessary steps, but it's important to take everything into consideration.

New security options for Hyper-V virtual machines

Each year, security seems to become more prominent in the data center. Microsoft certainly made it an emphasis as they added new security features for Hyper-V virtual machines. The new features, such as the ability to enable or disable MAC address spoofing, help keep your environment safe.

A virtual admin might be your biggest threat

When it comes to security, some often think of hackers as the biggest threat to an environment. But internal employees are often responsible for the largest security breaches. This added responsibility means potential for crippling mistakes from within instead of from the outside.

Five common virtualization security oversights

Administrators will often focus their attention on the bigger issues when it comes to security, and rightfully so. But failing to address some simple virtual server security challenges, like VM patching and user permissions, can leave your environment open to an attack.

How to secure VM live migrations

Security is a top priority for most shops, but virtualization brings some unique challenges. Administrators need to be educated on how to make their environment secure. If you don't take simple but critical measures to secure VM live migration traffic, you could be vulnerable.

Different approaches to today's security challenges

Addressing virtual server security and compliance challenges in your data center can be complicated, especially if you don't know where to start. Three experts weigh in with their answers on how to solve your security issues.

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