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Products of the Year 2011: Backup and storage

These are the Products of the Year 2011 winners in the backup and storage category.

The 2011 Products of the Year award winners in this category address the difficulties associated with virtualization backup and disaster recovery. As more mission-critical applications are virtualized, IT shops must contend with shrinking recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives (RPOs), as well as hardware compatibility issues during offsite recoveries. The winners help organizations overcome many of these obstacles and exemplify excellence in the backup and storage field.

Zerto Virtual Replication 1.0

Entering the market in 2011, Zerto quickly gained attention by using the hypervisor for host-based data replication. Zerto Virtual Replication 1.0 is managed via a VMware vCenter plug-in, which makes administration easy. It works with any storage configuration and offers a very low RPO. Zerto introduces enterprise-grade disaster recovery capabilities to a broader-range of businesses, regardless of storage hardware.

Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 V-Ray

Symantec continues to build upon the mature Backup Exec product line, which extends to both physical and virtual servers. From vCenter Server, you can verify the backup status, and it automatically configures backups of new virtual machines (VMs). With Application HA from Symantec, Backup Exec can proactively restart or restore applications, and it has advanced restore features for Active Directory, SQL and Exchange. If you have a mixed infrastructure, Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 V-Ray is an excellent backup tool.

Acronis vmProtect 6

For VM backups, Acronis vmProtect 6 is an excellent choice at a reasonable price point. You can set up backups in four steps and configure VM restorations in three steps. Additionally, vmProtect 6 has two deployment methods: as a virtual appliance or as a cloud-based, off-site storage option.

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