Products of the Year 2011: Desktop virtualization

These are the Products of the Year 2011 winners in the desktop virtualization category.

Despite the initial hype, desktop virtualization isn’t going to replace traditional, physical PCs anytime soon. But under the right conditions, virtual desktop infrastructure is a viable tool for delivering applications to remote clients.

Centrix Software Workspace iQ 5.2

Centrix’s Workspace iQ 5.2 provides detailed information about desktops and applications in a virtual desktop infrastructure, including metrics on user sessions and licensing.

With this information, organizations can significantly decrease the application footprint on desktops -- and by extension, reduce the need to repackage programs using application virtualization. In addition, Workspace iQ can facilitate a major reduction in licensing costs.

Ultimately, the use of Workspace iQ could result in customers being more open-minded about application-delivery methods, and it would empower them to adopt more flexible approaches.

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