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Products of the Year 2011: Virtualization security

These are the Products of the Year 2011 winners in the desktop virtualization category.

Securing a virtual infrastructure is always a challenge. Virtual workloads and networks don’t always behave the same way as their physical counterparts, so you can’t always use the same tools and methods to secure them. The winners of our 2011 Products of the Year awards in this category offer effective, creative ways for organizations to overcome their virtualization security obstacles.

Vyatta Network OS 6.3

Vyatta has been opening up networking for years -- and doing so in a hypervisor-agnostic fashion. Vyatta Network OS 6.3 can serve as a router and VPN concentrator or endpoint, and it helps bridge the transport-encryption gap between the office and the cloud. The vendor’s continued support of Vyatta Core, a community-supported version of Network OS, makes the product more easily accessible to those who want to test it and learn about it, too.

Dome9 Security

Dome9 Security makes firewalling your cloud servers simple, thanks to its clean interface and straightforward set-up process. It is an agent-based product, except for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) users, who can interact with EC2 instances via application programming interfaces. That's a big plus, but for the rest of us, the agent is lightweight and unobtrusive. Updates to the firewall via the Web interface happen rapidly, and the product also configures the host's firewall to automatically handle problems such as port scanning.

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