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SearchServerVirtualization.com Products of the Year 2010

SearchServerVirtualization.com invites you to participate in its annual Products of the Year award nomination process. Nominate your favorite product or your company's product. Winning products will be featured in January 2011 on SearchServerVirtualization.com.


Deadline and important dates
Nov. 10, 2010, 5 pm PST. We will not accept nominations past this date/time. All server virtualization products qualify for entry if they were new and first shipped (including beta) after Nov. 1, 2009, and before Oct. 15, 2010.

Users and vendors are invited and encouraged to nominate their favorite/best products by completing the form and including information in each of the fields required. Fill out a separate form for each product. In January 2011, winning products will be highlighted on SearchServerVirtualization.com.

Please note that you can submit only through this form. Do not send hard copies of submissions, and please do not send submissions via email. Take note of the character limits per field.

SearchServerVirtualization.com Products of the Year for 2010 will be awarded for the following categories:

  • Virtualization platforms
  • Virtualization management
  • Virtualization security
  • Hardware for virtualization
  • Backup and storage for virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization

SearchServerVirtualization.com editors and other data center industry experts will judge the entries.

Your product nominations will be judged on the criteria below. Please consider them as you fill out the nomination form:

  • Innovation. Does the product introduce new capabilities or provide such significant improvements to standard capabilities that it stands out within its product category? Does it break new ground, redefine the category or define a new "subcategory" within the overall field?

  • Performance. Does the product perform to the degree that it could improve a significant portion of the overall data center operation?

  • Ease of integration into environment. How easily does the product integrate with other products -- both from the same manufacturer and others? Can the product operate effectively in heterogeneous environments? Has the product been certified by a significant number of major vendors?

  • Ease of use and manageability. Is the product easy to install? Are the product's interfaces intuitive? Are the product's functions clear as well as easy to learn and run? Is the product likely to require the help of professional services on an ongoing basis? Does the product provide useful reports, audits, etc.? Will the product scale smoothly to accommodate growth in an environment?

  • Functionality. Does the product deliver as promised? Is the product's feature set complete and more than adequate to handle its job? Does the product provide greater or more useful functionality than others in its category? Are there serious functional omissions?

  • Value. Does the product represent a cost-effective solution? Can the ROI be easily justified? If the product is expensive or represents an additional cost for most data centers, is the added functionality worth the price? Will the product be cost effective to maintain TCO?

Submit your product of the year.

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