Server Virtualization Quotes: VMware Forum 2012

Take a look at what happened this week in the world of server virtualization through quotes from VMware Forum 2012.

Welcome to the first edition of our Server Virtualization Quotes feature, a view of the past week through the words of newsmakers, IT pros, analysts and bloggers.

This week, virtualization vendors and users gathered for VMware Forum 2012 at Boston’s Convention and Exhibition Center to be among the first to see a demonstration of VMware View 5.1, expected to be available in Q2 2012, and to learn about the latest developments in IT management. Here are some highlights from the event, as well as server virtualization community reaction:

“We have a wicked pissah demo for you, as we say in Boston.”
Anthony Anzevino, vice president of sales in the northeast at VMware, Inc.

Anzevino made this comment during his introduction in the general session at vForum 2012. His attempt to establish a relaxed atmosphere by playing up a Boston stereotype was met with only languid laughter from the thousand-member audience. He was, of course, referring to the VMware View 5.1 demo the audience would see during the keynote. 

The keynote address was divided between Benjamin Gray, Principal Analyst at Forrester Solutions, and Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President of End User Computing at VMware.

Gray kept the tone lighthearted by displaying a Dilbert cartoon to demonstrate what he called the “sweeping changes” currently affecting IT. In the cartoon, an intern refers to a PC as a “Grandpa box.” Gray said today’s IT shops are now catering to the generation of “millenials,” who have higher expectations for technology and mobility, and who will purportedly account for 45% of the workforce by 2020.

“I was at least expecting an ‘ooooh.’”
Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President of End User Computing at VMware

Viarengo uttered this remark following the hyped-up View 5.1 demo, in which he played a YouTube video in a virtual machine, hosted in Seattle, over WiFi and through a WAN. This feat was lost on the audience, however, who only witnessed a stuttering, choppy video of jets flying over desert. It was as though the YouTube video was showing on a netbook. This seems an unlikely marketing pitch for VMware: “View 5.1: Bringing you the performance of a 2008 netbook!”

“We’re very committed to building [vSphere] as an integrated platform.”

Viarengo also mentioned legacy technology and incompatibility as problems often plaguing today’s IT shops. Continuing on a theme from a recent VMware User Group meeting (VMUG) in Italy, he told the vForum audience that VMware intends to provide its customers with a more integrated product. At the VMUG, VMware CTO Steve Herrod responded to complaints from users concerning the lack of integration among VMware tools and said the company is working toward incorporating more automation and integration in future releases.

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