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VMware customers share opinions and seek tips on using its products

The conversation between VMware employees, customers and end users continues well beyond VMworld 2016. They continue to share tips, give opinions and ask questions via Twitter.

VMware made some exciting announcements at VMworld 2016 -- including Cross-Cloud Services and updates to vSphere Integrated Containers -- but buzz around the company and its offerings wasn't limited to the conference or Las Vegas venue. VMware customers and end users are still giving their opinions and posing questions via Twitter, looking for even more insight on effective strategies for leveraging VMware products. When it comes to using VMware vRealize Orchestrator, which automates complex IT processes, there are certainly pros and cons.

Professionals aren't the only ones with something to say, though. As end users, even students are voicing their thoughts, and sometimes frustrations with the way VMware customers set up certain products, and in this case, their permissions.

The best part about this give and take is that people can seek out information on best practices directly from their peers to better utilize the platforms they've adopted.

Whether the chatter is positive, negative or inquisitive, organizations can't afford to turn a blind eye to it. VMware employees take it a step further by not only keeping tabs on the discussion, but by actively participating and giving valuable advice.

VMware AirWatch was even a Gold Partner of IDC's for its Could & Datacenter Roadshow 2016 -- The Datacenter Journey: From Consolidation to Cloud in Nairobi, Kenya.

Who knows where the company will pop up next, but one thing is for sure: the conversation among VMware customers isn't going to wind down anytime soon.

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