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VMworld 2007 news, product and video roundup

Your home page for the best VMworld 2007 news coverage.

This year's VMworld 2007 conference took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif., September 11-13, and boasted more than 250 breakout sessions, featured more than 10,000 attendees and housed more than 100 exhibitors. For all of SearchServerVirtualization.com's nonstop coverage of news, sessions and product announcements, check out our stories and video blogs below.

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VMworld 2007 news coverage

  • The Best of VMworld Awards announced by SearchServerVirtualization.com
    Some 120 products from VMworld 2007 exhibitors were submitted for judging in nine categories. Among the notables were IBM and VMware, winners in the Best of Show category.

  • Desktop virtualization drives security skepticism
    Virtualization has made a lot of inroads in the data center and in some enterprise environments, but VMware Inc. is pushing hard to move the technology onto corporate desktops.

  • VMware partners covet competitive products, desktop virtualization sales
    At VMworld, VMware partners focused on Microsoft's announcement that Viridian -- the code name for Microsoft's Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager hypervisor -- will be included with Windows Server 2008 when it ships early next year.

  • VMware's Rosenblum previews future products
    VMware chief scientist Mendel Rosenblum regaled a VMworld audience with a sneak preview of up-and-coming VMware technologies.

  • The Best of VMworld Awards announced
    SearchServerVirtualization.com has the details on all the winners at this year's VMworld 2007 conference. Some 120 products from the conference's exhibitors were submitted for judging in nine categories. Among the notables were IBM and VMware, winners in the Best of Show category.

  • VMware details future Enhanced VMotion capabilities
    Moving virtual machines across different types of CPUs won't be a problem for much longer, according to VMware executives, who gave a preview session on Enhanced VMotion.

  • Heads-up: Vizioncore dumps 'esx' prefix from product names
    Virtualization users' beloved esxRanger from Vizioncore is no longer; it's now vRanger. Similarly, esxCharter is vCharter, esxReplicator is vReplicator, esxMigrator is vMigrator and so on.

  • VMware kicks off VMworld with embedded ESX Server 3i
    Putting the rumors to rest, VMware finally revealed details of its tiny embedded ESX hypervisor as well as new products for automating disaster recovery and managing virtual desktops.

  • IBM, HP rally behind the embedded hypervisor
    Leading server vendors have lined up in support of VMware's and XenSource's new embedded hypervisors.

  • On the eve of VMworld, XenSource announces embedded hypervisor
    Rumors of an embedded VMware ESX have been circulating for some time, but on the eve of VMworld 2007, XenSource Inc. beat VMware to the punch with the announcement of an embedded version of its own hypervisor, XenExpress OEM Edition.

Product briefs and vendor news

  • Thin-client technology advances with multimedia support
    Thin-client computing, known as the ability to use use a thin-client device to run the RDP or ICA protocols in order to connect to a remote computer, is forging its way back into the enterprise with the release of NEC's US110.

  • EMC repackages Avamar data deduplication
    EMC Corp. announced two new storage hardware products built to integrate with Avamar Technologies' data deduplication software, as well as new packaging of Avamar's software for deployment on VMware virtual machines.

  • BEA switches to virtualization-friendly licensing
    BEA Systems has changed its licensing model from per-CPU pricing to per-instance pricing for WebLogic Server Virtual Edition. Will other companies follow suit?

  • InovaWave wants to virtualize I/O intensive apps
    InovaWave will demonstrate its new product VirtualOctane at VMworld. VirtualOctane is the new VMware ESX version of its DXtreme, which was only available for Microsoft platforms (e.g., VMware Virtual Server and Microsoft Virtual Server). Announced this week, VirtualOctane uses an adaptive I/O optimization engine to dramatically improve performance of virtualized applications.

  • Virtugo adds chargeback, capacity planning and VDI modules to management suite
    Virtugo, the company formerly known as UXcomm and pronounced Vertigo, has announced VirtualSuite 6.0, which includes adds modules targeted at capacity planning, chargeback, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to its flagship Optimize and Perform performance monitoring packages.

  • Onaro adds capacity planning, plans VMware support
    Onaro Inc. has announced two new software modules for capacity planning and application monitoring for its SANScreen change management and monitoring product, as well as plans to add long-awaited VMware support in the fourth quarter.

  • Virtual Iron v4 takes on VMware, XenSource
    With version 4 of its virtualization platform, Virtual Iron is inching closer to enterprise readiness.

  • Opalis intros virtualization automation tool
    Run Book Automation (RBA) tool provider Opalis Software Inc. announced a new automated virtualization management tool: The Opalis Process Catalog for Virtualization.

Videos from VMworld

  • Can virtualization stay sexy in 2.0 era?
    Developments at VMworld 2007 show that virtualization 2.0 has arrived, says Burton Group analyst Andrew Kutz. But can virtualization stay sexy when it is mainstream?

  • VMworld's scale wows VMware CEO Diane Greene
    VMware CEO Diane Greene says VMworld 2007 wowed her with innovation and enormous vendor and user participation.

  • Virtualization 2.0 started at VMworld 2007, analyst says
    Analyst Barb Goldworm explains why VMworld 2007 has ushered in a new era of virtualization.

  • VMworld Awards: Printing for the virtual computing age
    Good-bye to pesky print drivers, hello to virtual printing. ThinPrint's virtual desktop infrastructure-focused printing approach won recognition in the SearchServerVirtualization.com VMworld Awards' Utilities category.

  • How new InovaWave technology tackles virtualization I/O
    InovaWave CEO Chris Ostertag describes virtualization's I/O problems and how InovaWave VirtualOctane for ESX Server could solve them. The soon-to-be released product won a SearchServerVirtualization.com VMworld Award in the Best New Technology category.

  • Problem solving leads Akorri to VMworld Award
    Akorri founder and CTO Richard Corley describes the virtualization management problems solved by Akorri BalancePoint 1.7, which won SearchServerVirtualization.com's VMworld Award in the Performance Monitoring and Optimization category.

  • How Onaro, VMworld Award winner, aids VMware ESX deployments
    Onaro's Bryan Semple describes a new product that brings storage and server teams together to deploy ESX.

  • See VMworld: Get bags of swag
    The sheer bulk of giveaways at VMworld 2007 could overwhelm anyone. Check out SearchServerVirtualization.com's intrepid and swag-seeking editors, Bridget Botelho and Jan Stafford, as they sift through the swag.

  • An analyst's top VMworld picks: Cisco, open VM format
    News about Cisco's new architecture and an open virtual machine format are the VMworld news of note for Burton Group senior analyst Chris Wolf.

  • Talking about Veeam Reporter, a VMworld Award winner
    Veeam CEO Ratmir Timashev talks about virtualization problems that spurred the creation of Veeam Reporter, which won gold in the SearchServerVirtualization.com VMworld Awards utility category.

  • ClearCube tops VMworld Awards in desktop virtualization
    ClearCube's Rick Hoffman desribes how ClearCube moved from blade servers to virtual desktops to winning a top VMworld Award.

  • Storage comes on strong at VMworld
    VMware-friendly storage vendors have a strong presence at VMworld and Mark Schlack, vice president of Editorial, Storage and Windows Groups at TechTarget,. says it's a good thing.

  • Abundant products at VMworld shows technology's maturity
    At this year's show, vendors have shown more advanced products for VMware environments -- a sure sign of the technology's maturity, says Mark Schlack, vice president of Editorial, Storage and Windows Groups at TechTarget.

  • Why it's best to pre-register at VMworld
    Failing to pre-register for hands-on labs at VMworld can lead you in interesting directions.

  • Virtualization products step beyond niches
    This year's products have broad reach, says virtualization expert Scott Lowe.

  • Sizing up key backup, storage trends at VMworld
    Virtualization expert Steve Norall and SearchServerVirtualization.com News Director Alex Barrett talk about backup and storage trends they spotted at VMworld.

  • Automation a key theme at VMworld
    Tom Dugan of Recovery Networks Inc. explains why this VMworld conference is rich in automation tools for managing virtual environments.

  • Beyond server consolidation at VMworld
    After a day of canvassing products at VMworld, consultant Bernard Golden says there's more to virtualization than server consolidation.

  • VMworld 2007: Embedded ESX a can of worms
    VMware's embedded ESX Server 3i marks a change for virtualization, but how it will impact users is an open question.

  • VMworld 2007: ESX price is not the problem
    It's not the VMware ESX cost that's holding back virtualization, it's the high cost of networked SAN storage.

  • VMworld 2007: VMware users say, "Lower prices"
    At VMworld, attendees said that VMware needs to lower prices now to defend its position as a virtualization market leader. Jan Stafford of SearchServerVirtualization.com reports.

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