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VMworld 2010 conference coverage

VMworld 2010 takes place Aug. 30 through Sept. 2 in San Francisco. Check out our complete news coverage and analysis from the VMworld conference.


VMworld 2010 conference coverage

Best of VMworld 2010 awards

The Best of VMworld 2010 Awards acknowledge the top products in eight technology categories. The judges have made their decisions, and the results are in. Find out what vendors took the top honors.






Users wrestle with virtualizing tier 1 applications
Despite all the hoopla surrounding vCloud Director, IT admins have a more immediate problem to solve: virtualizing tier 1 applications, such as Oracle and SQL databases. Previously, it was unheard of to virtualize these types of applications. But times have changed, and IT departments want to bestow server virtualization's benefits onto these heavy-duty apps.

Best of VMworld 2010 Awards: Winners slideshow
The Best of VMworld 2010 Awards recognizes the top products on the VMworld conference floor. This slideshow provides a detailed look at the winners in an easy-to-read format.

VMware presents its Project Horizon application delivery strategy
VMware is pushing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to diversify its product lineup beyond server virtualization. After several delays to its View VDI platform, VMware has finally committed to a release date.

IT wary of vCloud Director
VMware's vCloud Director has generated buzz among IT pros. As it turns out, vCloud is not the simple cloud solution that many were hoping for. Questions linger about its effectiveness, considering the personnel and technical overhead that's required.

VMware vCloud Director only part of the puzzle
The vCloud Director requirements are both strict and strange. Instead of being an all-encompassing cloud product, vCloud Director is a collection of disparate parts and third-party software that provides an IT shop with cloud functionality.

Hands-on impressions of vCloud Director
Expert Mike Laverick got a sneak peak of vCloud Director. In the first installment of this three-part series, Laverick provides some background on vCloud Director and how it fits into the vSphere platform.

Citrix to acquire VMLogix
Citrix Systems purchased the virtualization management vendor VMLogix. This acquisition follows Citrix's new focus on monetizing management tools since XenServer became open source.

Virtual machine backup plays prominent role at VMworld 2010
So far, virtual machine backup products have ruled day one of VMworld. Veeam, Neverfail and Zetta, for example, have announced new products for high availability, backup and disaster recovery.

Users prefer third-party management tools over VMware management
For many VMware users, vCenter lacks important management capabilities. As a result, many VMware shops rely on third-party management tools to make up for vCenter's shortcomings.

What to expect at VMworld 2010
VMworld may be the nexus of server virtualization, but many onlookers anticipate cloud computing and desktop virtualization news. In this podcast, expert Mike Laverick talks about several storylines he expects to unfold at this year's conference. Additionally, VMware's John Troyes discusses the networking and social events at VMworld 2010.

VMware community takes center stage at VMworld 2010
New product announcements are just one aspect of VMworld. For many attendees -- including our own Server Virtualization Advisory Board -- the networking events and social activities are the best part of the conference. These forums allow IT admins and systems engineers to discuss various problems and solutions with their peers.

The evolution of VMware's strategy
VMware is at a crossroads. In the realm of server virtualization, it faces increased competition from Microsoft. Meanwhile, many questions linger about VMware's cloud computing and desktop virtualization strategies.

This podcast examines the challenges that VMware must overcome in the server virtualization, cloud computing and desktop virtualization markets.

The state of VMware 2010
For most of its first decade, VMware pretty much owned the server virtualization market. But as competitors started breathing down its neck, the company began moving into desktop virtualization, cloud computing and other technologies. This special report takes a look at where the company stands as VMworld 2010 approaches.

VMworld 2010 predictions
Besides late-night parties and '80s bands, what can you expect at the VMworld 2010 conference? Expert Mike Laverick gazes into his crystal ball and comes up with some predictions for this year's show -- especially around View 4.5 and vCloud Service Director.

'VFabric' revealed as vShield enhancements
VMware caused quite a stir with a recent YouTube teaser video. After much debate and speculation about the clip, VMware explained that the video was a preview for vShield Edge and vShield App -- both of which were demoed at VMware User Group meetings.

VMware releases vSphere 4.1
In the run-up to VMworld 2010, VMware released vSphere 4.1. The first updated version of the vSphere platform offers several technical improvements, including new I/O control and memory compression capabilities.

Project Redwood to become vCloud Service Director
Project Redwood, a VMware cloud computing product, has been in the works for more than a year. Now some details are emerging, and VMware plans to make an official announcement at VMworld 2010. Our editors discuss the news in this podcast.

For additional VMworld 2010 news, check out our VMware conference coverage page.




VCloud Director unveiled
VMware's official announcement of vCloud Director wasn't much of a surprise. After all, the details were leaked more than a year ago. Nevertheless, opinions are mixed about vCloud Director's viability.

VMware acquires Integrien
VMware CTO Steve Herrod announced VMware's purchase of Integrien, an infrastructure management vendor. Integrien's monitoring and analysis tools clearly fits VMware's virtual data center/cloud computing vision.

VMworld 2010 by the numbers
VMware's Rick Jackson began the VMworld 2010 keynote with several statistics. Some of the numbers may surprise you.

Embotics will support Hyper-V
Mixed virtual environments are not the norm, but they are becoming more prevalent. As a result, Embotics will support Hyper-V by year's end.

Distributed Virtual Network: The future of VMware networking
VMware previewed its next-generation network virtualization platform. Dubbed Distributed Virtual Network, this platform aims to alleviate many of the networking problems that admins currently face.

Can a cloud replace a cluster?
Can virtualization and private clouds run complex, resource-intensive research workloads that are currently reserved for high-performance Linux clusters? Carnegie Mellon computer scientists are eager to find out.

Brian Madden's VMworld 2010 preview
Brian Madden is heading to VMworld 2010 to review desktop virtualization products and rub elbows with industry insiders. This blog post outlines what he expects to see at this year's conference.

VMworld backpacks: VMware focusing on the priorities?
VMware is known for attention to detail, but it borders on fixation at times. Today's example: the free VMworld 2010 backpacks.

Citrix joins VMware partner program
To get more involved at the VMworld 2010 conference, Citrix has signed up as a VMware technology alliance partner. The vendor will also be a sponsor at its rival's show.

INXS to play VMworld 2010 party
The VMworld 2010 conference wraps up with a big party Sept. 1 at the Moscone Center, and this year's headliners will be Australian rockers INXS.

VMworld is turning into a cloud conference
Of the eight session tracks that the show will offer, four will be about cloud computing. Cloud computing is all the rage these days, so this approach makes sense for VMware. Does it make sense for potential VMworld attendees?




VMware users welcome Integrien acquisition
After the news that VMware will purchase of Integrien, users were treated to a preview of Integrien's performance monitoring software. For the most part, users were intrigued by the analytics tools – even though details were hard to come by.

Xsigo makes way for I/O virtualization over Ethernet
Xsigo's reliance on Infiniband networking may have hampered its adoption among perspective networking and I/O virtualization customers. But now Xsigo's I/O Director supports Ethernet, which provides users with more options and cost flexibility.

Isilon ships clustered NAS with iSCSI
Isilon's clustered NAS now supports iSCSI. The new protocol addition provides block and file storage capabilities to Isilon's OneFS operating system.

VCloud Director partners strut their stuff
Several VMware partners announced companion vCloud Director products to coincide with the launch of VMware's new cloud platform. Additionally, these briefs features news on virtual firewall for the Nexus 1000v and virtualization security updates for prominent antivirus products.

Veeam Backup and Replication gains quick VM restore
Today, Veeam Backup and Replication 5.0 debuts with a host of new capabilities. But Veeam faces a two-front war: competition in the backup marketplace and brewing patent litigation with rival Quest Software Inc.

HP CloudStart bundle supports Project Redwood: VMworld 2010 news in brief
The CloudStart bundle launches a private cloud in 30 days and supports VMware's vCloud Service Director, according to Hewlett-Packard. These briefs also include news on a Reflex Systems self-service portal preview and Precise Software's new performance-monitoring tool.

VMware Zimbra appliance released
VMware's Zimbra acquisition is starting to bear fruit. The company released the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance, which packages email and collaboration software in a virtual appliance designed to run on vSphere.

VMware cloud computing plans leak
Details of VMware's cloud computing product plans, accidentally posted on the company's website in May, reveal an important step forward in the evolution of cloud computing for enterprise IT shops.




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