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VMworld 2015 receives positive reviews from users

As over 23,000 people watched the keynote speeches from VMworld 2015, users took to social media to give their reviews of VMware's announcements.

VMworld was attended by its largest crowd in history, with over 23,000 in attendance in San Francisco. On social media, the VMworld hashtag got a lot of attention as those at the show and online watched VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and others deliver keynote speeches. The announcements that VMware made this year included news about NSX, VSAN and containers.

One of the bigger announcements at the show was Photon Platform and vSphere Integrated Containers. Those two offerings from VMware will allow admins to have containers in production on-premises and that had a lot of users excited with one Twitter user calling Integrated Containers a "game changer."

VMware also announced a new version of its software-defined storage offering, VSAN 6.1. In the latest version, VMware has rolled out some new capabilities such as multiprocesser fault tolerance support and stretched cluster, among other new hardware options. The company also opened a beta program for the next VSAN version with data deduplication on deck, which had plenty of users very happy.

One other topic that received a lot of attention at VMworld 2015 was NSX. The latest version of NSX will provide security on both private and public clouds for virtual machines and container workloads. With some of the new features, users were paying attention to NSX again.

One of the biggest issues with NSX has been the inability to test it out before investing in it. With a large price tag and companies unable to test NSX out, it has caused users to be hesitant to dive in fully.  As users watched more features roll out for NSX, the attention continued to focus on money.

But as you can see with the last tweet, there was some excitement. NSX will soon become part of the EvalExperience program, which is a partnership between VMware and the VMware User Group (VMUG). Now users will be able to test it out before spending so much, which could mean NSX may be implemented more frequently.

While the announcements came from San Francisco, now the focus will turn to the releases, updates and beta testing that comes out in the next couple of months.

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