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VMworld Europe 2009 conference coverage

VMworld Europe 2009 takes place Feb. 24-26 in Cannes, France. is on hand to report on VMware news, releases and other happenings from the show floor.

VMworld Europe 2009

VMworld Europe 2009 takes place Feb. 24-26 in Cannes, France. is on hand to cover virtualization news and releases from the show floor.


VMworld attendees clamor for vSphere details In a session on vSphere, the newest incarnation of Virtual Datacenter OS, attendees pressed VMware CEO Paul Maritz for details on the new software-as-mainframe platform.

VMware trumps Hyper-V in hypervisor comparison
In a hypervisor comparison, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Virtual Iron all lack important features, says an analyst report presented at VMworld Europe.

Does VMware VDI enable cost savings
After a session on the CAPEX and OPEX savings from VMware VDI, .virtualization expert Brian Maddden takes VMware's savings model to task.

Virtualization licensing still a problem
In his session on virtualization licensing, presenter Chris Wolf will note that while some companies such as Micrsooft, IBM and CA have made virtualization licensing policies easier, there are some vendor holdouts.

Intel and VMware collaborate on desktop virtualization
VMware announced that its bare-metal hypervisor will be optimized to run on desktops and notebooks that use Intel processors with Intel's vPro technology.

VMware's vShield security tool makes its entrée
VMware threw network teams a bone with vShield Zones, which will enable them to preserve virtual machine security settings without using physical segmentation.

VMware's Maritz touts vSphere as 'software mainframe'
At VMworld Europe, VMware's CEO, Paul Maritz, outlined how IT shops and service providers will be able to build a software-based mainframe with the company's vSphere platform.

VMware View to incorporate PC over IP
VMware demoed its VMware View in 3-D performance over a LAN and revealed some top-notch 3-D graphics Too bad that VMware is taking credit for performance that has everything to do with VMware partner Teradici, says a virtualization expert.

VMware needs to prove worth of VDC-OS
VMware demoed its VMware View in 3-D performance over a LAN and revealed some top-notch 3-D graphics On the eve of VMworld Europe, VMware users discuss hopes for a rock-solid Virtual Datacenter OS (VDC-OS) in terms of security, capacity planning and cloud computing.

Will a free XenServer give Citrix a boost in the marketplace?
With the new free version of Citrix XenServer, Citrix may be better poised to compete against VMware..

VMware announces vCenter high-availability capability
With VMware's recently announced Server Heartbeat for vCenter, IT shops now have high-availability functionality for vCenter and can protect against data center downtime. p>

VMware's preview coverage page
Check out VMware's session preview.

VMworld video
Check out video from the VMworld Europe 2009 show floor.

Brian Madden TV at VMworld Europe
Madden discusses happenings from the show floor at VMworld Europe and VMware's new PC over IP initiatve for VMware View.

Future cloud computing challenges
An attendee at VMworld Europe 2009 says that the major barrier to adopting cloud computing is bringing internal cloud resources to external ones.

Desktop virtualization makes splash
An attendee at VMworld Europe 2009 notes desktop virtualization taking hold.

New protocol piques interest
On day two of VMworld, an attendee's interest was piqued in the PC over Internet Protocol standard.

Mobile virtualization: How necessary is it?
An attendee at VMworld Europe 2009 wonders whether mobile virtualization has its place

IT shops' mature in virtualization sophistication
Igor Saulsky of esXpress mused on the increasing sophistication of IT shops' virtualization deployments.

Will the VMware vExpert Award grow to rival the Microsoft MVP? VMware announced the vExpert Award in January to recognize those who partake heavily in the VMware Web community. But can it grow to rival the Microsoft MVP?

VSphere VMware as a cloud provider? No way, says CIO
When VMware built its 100,00-square-foot data center in Washington state, rumors developed that it might become a cloud provider. The truth is borne out at VMworld Europe.

Attenting VMworld Europe 2009... virtually
Due to VMworld's website, Twitter, chat, video and emails, VMworld Europe was one of the most connected conferences he's ever "attended" says one blog contributor.

VSphere features explained: vStorage and the Cisco Nexus vSwitch
VMware rolled out its next iteration of Virtual Datacenter OS, known as vSphere. Check out two of itsnew features: vStorage thin-provisioned disks and the Cisco Nexus vSwitch.

VMworld Europe Partner Day: Cloud interoperability, VDI, vSphere
On day one of VMworld Europe, interoperability and cloud computing are the focus..

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