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Virtualization management webcasts by Anil Desai

This webcast series offers expert advice on choosing how and what to virtualize, virtual machine profiling and load distribution, creating a virtual machine library, and moving from physical to virtual servers and back.

Anil Desai, Consultant

Server virtualization promises relief from today's common IT management headaches, such as server glut in data centers, labs and disaster recovery settings. Unfortunately, relief is not just a plug-and-play away.

In this four-part webcast series titled "Managing real world virtualization," site expert Anil Desai gives advice on choosing how and what to virtualize, VM profiling and load distribution, creating a VM library and moving from physical to virtual servers and back.

If you want more information once you've finished watching the series, you may be interested in Anil Desai's related articles. You can find them in the virtualization basics crash course along with more of his virtualization management tips.

Part one: Choosing how and what to virtualize
This webcast will help you consider all the right points to determine what's a viable virtualization candidate in your shop.

Part two: Virtual machine profiling and load distribution
In the second webcast, you'll learn performance mentoring and management for your virtualized servers, which keeps your apps running at a friendly pace.

Part three: Creating a VM library
In the third part of the series, you'll learn how to use a VM library so that the process of creating and deploying virtual machines is easier on end-users, and how to avoid inconsistent and out-of-date configurations, just as they would with physical computers. You'll also learn about what factors to keep in mind when developing reference VM images.

Part four: Physical to virtual (and back)
Once you're ready to jump into virtualization, it's likely that you'll want to move an existing physical machine onto a VM. Alternatively, it's possible that you'll want to move a virtual machine to a physical one. Find out how in the final webcast of the "Managing Real-World Virtualization" series.

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