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What to know about 5nine Manager for Hyper-V virtualization management

5nine Manager for Hyper-V is a virtualization management solution for environments running the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor. It is has both a free-to-use and a paid version.

5nine Manager for Hyper-V allows IT administrators to manage their virtual systems with features such as resource and bandwidth management, replication failover, optional agentless antivirus monitoring, and more. The program comes in two versions: one limited-functionality free edition and one fully functional licensed edition, which can be bought with an optional antivirus added on.

 5nine Manager comes with a raft of features. Both the free and the paid versions allow basic controls, such as virtual machine (VM) creation and editing, as well as VM access through a guest console. Both editions offer support replication, shared nothing live migration and storage live migration.

The paid program has all of the features of the free version, plus additional features such as a real-time monitoring engine, providing performance and resource monitoring. The software is able to raise alerts if resource threshold values are exceeded.

5nine Manager also has a System Status Report feature which is not available in the free version. It allows host-level reports to be generated, showing the number and status of all VMs, as well as resource allocation and usage for each VM on a physical host. The paid version also has a Best Practices Analysis tool, a Cluster Management feature, an integrated Hyper-V log viewer, and the ability to change a virtual machine's IP from the VM management console. The paid program can be bought with an antivirus and antimalware extension. The agentless antivirus unit is powered by VIPRE for Business, and Sophos Antivirus.

5nine ManagerOverview of 5nine Manager and how it provides IT administrators an overview of their IT system

5nine Manager has a two-tiered pricing structure. 5nine Manager licenses cost $349 for every two processors. In addition, there are antivirus engines available from Bitdefender, Kaspersky and ThreatTrack. Adding any of these optional antivirus engines will increase the licensing cost. 5nine Manager has the potential to offer businesses extensive management and monitoring for their infrastructure. Companies can choose between the free limited edition or a fully-functional licensed edition depending on how much functionality they need for their Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor-based environment.

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