Zimbra hosting partners, customers may be drawn to VMware

Zimbra hosting partners and customers may now choose VMware over Google, Amazon or Microsoft, Server Virtualization Advisory Board member Jack Kaiser argues.

Jack Kaiser
Vice president of strategic technologies, GreenPages Technology Solutions

The acquisition of Zimbra by VMware will only strengthen VMware.

It was a bit surprising at first, until one realizes that VMware needs to penetrate the SMB market before Microsoft does with Hyper-V. Zimbra hosting partners and customers may be more inclined to use VMware software or cloud services instead of Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

The other thing the Zimbra purchase does is help expand the business applications available in VMware's vCloud solutions. Messaging and collaboration is a hot market, and this gives VMware a presence in this growing space. Based on what I saw at VMware's recent Partner Exchange, the product looks promising, and with VMware's marketing behind it, sales should continue to rise.

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