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Meet the Editorial Advisors

Meet the editorial advisors.

The Editorial Advisory Board is comprised of leaders in the enterprise IT community. Their mandate is to provide ongoing feedback to our site team on the critical technical issues faced by virtualization professionals. Scroll down the page to read about their individual experience, area of expertise and professional affiliations. To contact board members directly, you can e-mail them care of

Anil Desai

Name: Anil Desai
Location: Austin
Job Title & Company: Independent consultant
Area of expertise: Microsoft technologies

Anil Desai is an independent consultant based in Austin, Tex. He specializes in evaluating, implementing, and managing solutions based on Microsoft technologies. He has worked extensively with Microsoft's Server products and the .NET development platform and has managed data center environments that support thousands of virtual machines. Anil is an MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA and a Microsoft MVP (Windows Server – Management Infrastructure).

Anil is the author of numerous technical books focusing on the Windows Server Platform, Virtualization, Active Directory, SQL Server, and IT management. Most recently, he has written The Rational Guide to Managing Microsoft Virtual Server and The Rational Guide to Scripting Microsoft Virtual Server. He has made dozens of conference presentations at national events and is also a contributor to technical magazines. For more details and more information about Anil, please see, or e-mail

Joe Foran

Name: Joe Foran
Location: Connecticut
Job Title & Company: Director of IT for FSW, Inc.
Area of expertise: Server consolidation and virtualization; virtualization platforms; Linux; open source applications

As the Director of IT for non-profit FSW, Inc., Joseph Foran has led a major migration to server virtualization, Linux and open source applications, and Internet-enabled technologies. In his role as Director, he is responsible for working with executive and line management to come up with cost-efficient uses of technology that will better enable client services, employee efficiency and increased grant revenue. Joseph serves on FSW's Leadership committee, where he advises and collaborates with company management on both technology and business decisions. FSW's services extend across Connecticut from six locations across the southwestern portion of the state.

Prior to FSW, Joseph was an IT manager at filtration manufacturer CUNO, Inc. and at sports league Major League Soccer, and has been a systems admin with consumer goods giant Unilever, as well as a consultant for the State of CT's Dept. of Corrections, Dept. of Mental Health and Dept. of Education.

Bernard Golden

Name: Bernard Golden
Location: San Francisco Bay area
Job Title & Company: CEO, Navica Inc.
Area of expertise: Systems integration, Xen, open source virtualization strategies

Bernard Golden is CEO of Navica Inc., a systems integration firm specializing in open source software based San Ramon, Calif. He founded Navica in 2001, after two decades of experience in starting and building successful IT-related organizations. He has previously served as a Venture Partner for an international venture fund and has senior executive positions in a number of private and public software companies, including Informix, Uniplex Software, and Deploy Solutions.

Bernard is the author of Succeeding with Open Source (Addison-Wesley, August 2004), and the creator of the Open Source Maturity Model (OSMM), a formalized method of locating, assessing, and implementing open source software. Bernard holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BA from UC Santa Cruz. He is based on the SF Peninsula with his wife Alison and three year-old twin sons, Sebastian and Oliver. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, skiing, and cooking.

Andrew Kutz

Name: Andrew Kutz
Location: Austin, Tex.
Job Title & Company: Consultant, Operating Systems Specialist, lostcreations
Area of expertise: VMware, .NET, open source

Andrew has been professionally involved in the technology sector for 11 years. For the last six of them he has worked with the latest technologies while employed by the University of Texas at Austin. Two years ago, Andrew started his own consulting firm and development house, l o s t c r e a t i o n s. He is also a founding member of the Austin VMware Users' Group (VMUG). His current pet development project is Sudo for Windows (

In 2004, Andrew started working heavily with consumer virtualization and in 2005 began pushing for server virtualization in UT's central technology department, Information Technology Services (ITS). In 2006, Andrew designed and implemented ITS' first enterprise virtualized server infrastructure environment.

Andrew is an avid fan of .NET, Open Source, Terminal Services, coding, and comics. He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). Andrew graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Ancient History and Classical Civilization and currently lives in Austin, Tex. with his wife Mandy and their two puppies, Lucy and CJ.

Bryan Tidd

Name: Brian Tidd
Location: Canton, Georgia
Job Title & Company: Director of technology for City of Canton, Georgia
Area of expertise: Data center administration; open source software and infrastructures; telephony; infrastructure planning

Bryan Tidd is director of technology for City of Canton, Georgia, where he provides thought leadership in analytics, computer technology and telephony. During his five years in that position, he has spearheaded, planned and carried out a comprehensive migration from Microsoft platforms and applications to Linux and open source software. Today, the City uses open source software for e-mail, calendaring, financial and business applications and operating systems.

Prior to his work at the City, Bryan was a senior systems integrator for RDA Systems Inc., a provider of open source governmental and fund accounting applications. Bryan holds a masters degree in physics from the University of Missouri at Rolla.

Jim Klein

Name: Jim Klein
Location: Santa Clarita, CA
Job Title & Company: Director of Information Services & Technology, Saugus Union School District
Area of expertise: Open technologies and infrastructures, IP telephony, Web 2.0 applications, virtualization

Jim Klein is the Director of Information Services & Technology at the Saugus Union School District, a position he has held for 11 years. With more than 2 decades of IT experience, Jim has led the district through a variety of large scale, leading edge technology projects, and has become well-known throughout the K-12 education community as an aggressive technology leader.

For the past several years Jim has been an active advocate for open solutions, presenting at a number of local and national education technology conferences and has served on a number of technology panels. He is also an active participant in the Consortium of School Networking Professionals (CoSN) Open Technologies Initiative -- a national effort to support the adoption and utilization of open technologies in K-12 education around the world. Jim holds a variety of professional certifications from Red Hat, Novell and the Linux Professional Institute.

Barb Goldworm

Name: Barb Goldworm
Location: Boulder, CO
Job Title & Company: President of Focus Consulting
Areas of expertise: Physical and virtual systems, storage and enterprise management; HA, DR and business continuity; blade systems; storage, network and I/O virtualization; storage networking.

Barb Goldworm is president of Focus Consulting, a research, analyst and consulting firm focused on systems and storage. She has spent thirty years in technical, marketing, industry analyst, and senior management positions with IBM, Novell, StorageTek, Enterprise Management Associates, and multiple successful startups.

Barb chairs the Server Blade Summit conference on blades and virtualization, and has been one of the top three ranked analyst/knowledge expert speakers at Storage Networking World. Barb has authored numerous business and technical white papers and articles and has just finished a book, Blades Servers and Virtualization: Transforming Enterprise Computing while Cutting Costs.



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