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Sun commits to Xen

Sun Microsystems said publicly that it will include the open source Xen hypervisor in the next release of Solaris 10.

Xen, the open source hypervisor, will ship with the next update to Sun Microsystem Inc.'s Solaris 10 operating system, Sun announced today. The next Solaris update is due out this summer.

OpenSolaris, the open source version of the commercial Sun OS, already ships with Xen as part of its distribution, and Sun had already publicly stated that it would carry over Xen into full-fledged SolarisBut the company had yet to commit to a timeline.

Sun also announced enhancements to other virtualization technologies in its arsenal. Logical Domains -- a server virtualization and partitioning technology feature of UltraSPARC T1-based systems -- combined with its Solaris Containers operating system virtualization technique. They can now be used together to enable up to 32 separate OS instances on each UltraSPARC T1 system.

Combining the two allows for the creation of several "private execution environments" that still share a single underlying instance of Solaris, for ease of manageability and scalability.

Applications running within those Solaris Containers can also achieve better availability, thanks to support for Containers by Sun's high-availability software Solaris Cluster 3.2, released last week. Formerly called Sun Cluster, the software can now monitor an application running within a Container and fail it over to another Container on the same physical host.

Sun resells VMware software on its Galaxy line of AMD-based servers, which can run VMware Server or VMware ESX. Those, in turn, support Sun Solaris 10 as a guest operating system.

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