VMware's new VI3 rejiggers its bundles and pricing

With VMware's latest release of Infrastructure 3, the names and configurations of bundles have changed, but pricing remains the same.

On Monday, VMware Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif., officially announced the upcoming release of its VMware Infrastructure suite. In addition changes to VMware's core ESX hypervisor platform and enhancements to VMware Infrastructure 3, VMware now offers new bundling and pricing options.

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VMware rejiggers its bundles and pricing

Just as previously, VMware will continue to sell VMware Infrastructure 3 in three versions. But with this release, the names and configurations of these bundles have changed somewhat. In addition, VMware has also introduced additional bundles that include VirtualCenter 2.5, its management console.

What was once VMware Infrastructure Starter is now known as Foundation. It is still priced at $995 per two processors. But now, in addition to ESX 3.5 or 3i, it also includes Update Manager as well as VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) for offloading backup processes of the ESX host. "Our thinking was that this is a compelling product for SMBs [small and medium-sized businesses] looking not only for consolidation but also for backup and data protection functionality," said Bogomil Balkansky, VMware's senior director of product marketing.

In addition, VMware is offering the VMware Infrastructure 3 Foundation Acceleration Kit, which for $2,995 includes three VI3 Foundation licenses, plus VirtualCenter 2.5 and Guided Consolidation for those three systems.

Virtual Infrastructure Standard includes everything in Foundation, plus VMware HA, and now has a list price of $,2995, instead of $3,750. "It's better at a slightly better price point," Balkansky said. For $5,995, you can also buy VirtualCenter plus two two-processor nodes of VI3 Standard.

Virtual Infrastructure Enterprise Edition is still priced at $5,750 per two CPUs and includes all the features included in Foundation and Standard, plus VMotion, DRS/DPM and Storage VMotion. For shops that want VirtualCenter, the VMware Infrastructure 3 Midsize Acceleration Kit lists for $14,495 and includes three two-processor nodes of VMware Infrastructure Enterprise, plus training and consulting credits.

The company also announced new standalone licensing for some products. ESX 3i by itself will list for $495. VMotion and Storage VMotion are priced at $3,495. DRS and DPM cost $1,995, and VMware HA lists for $2,495. Like all VMware pricing, these products are priced per dual processors.

When the products become generally available "later this year," according to VMware, customers won't incur additional charges for support and subscription, Balkansky said.

According to VMware, VI3 will be generaly available later this year.

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