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Hyperic HQ now manages Citrix XenServer

Now available for Citrix XenServer, Hyperic HQ enables administrators to manage physical and virtual machines in a single, integrated view. Hyperic HQ is also available for VMware.

San Francisco-based Hyperic Inc. is the latest vendor to join the Citrix XenServer ecosystem, with a plug-in for its Hyperic HQ management and monitoring software. The plug-in offers administrators a unified view of physical and virtual resources.

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Rather than having to piece together information from disparate tools, admins can use Hyperic HQ for Citrix XenServer and work from a single, integrated view of virtual and nonvirtual infrastructures as well as all applications running on these environments. It helps manage and analyze utilization, locate performance bottlenecks and automate management tasks.

"The problem with [Citrix] virtualization is you can get a full view of the virtual machines, but cannot see the applications running. [With Hyperic HQ], administrators can see deep into both areas," said Chip Witt, a product manager for Hyperic.

The new management product combines performance metrics, log data, configuration and security events in a single view correlated by time. These events can be used to link errors reported in XenServer logs with other performance and health indicators in other areas of the environment, generate alerts or trigger-automated control actions.

Additionally, Hyperic HQ for Citrix XenServer lets admins suspend, shut down, start and reboot directly from the HQ interface and record the action in the event history for future reference.

Hyperic HQ for Citrix XenServer is available on Hyperic's community Hyperforge at no cost. Hyperic will incorporate this new open source plug-in directly into the core distribution in the upcoming Hyperic HQ 4.0 release, due out later this summer in both open source and Enterprise versions. Hyperic HQ Enterprise includes additional security, automation and controls.

The open source version will be free, and the HQ Enterprise edition starts at $500 a year for every CPU socket pair, and $250 per network device.

Hyperic HQ for Citrix XenServer is the company's second foray into virtualization. In 2006, Hyperic launched a plug-in for VMware Inc. Adding a plug-in for Citrix Xenserver was the next natural step, Witt said. They may add plug-ins for other virtualization vendors as well. To date, Hyperic reports 250,000 downloads of Hyperic HQ for VMware.

Future plans include Microsoft as well."We plan to continue to follow trends in the market, so you may see [Microsoft] Hyper-V tools in the future," Witt said.

In the meantime, Hyperic is not alone in creating tools for managing Citrix XenServer environments. San Francisco-based Splunk came out with a product for Citrix XenServer management product in May, and last month, high-availability software provider SteelEye Technology Inc. announced its Protection Suite for Citrix XenServer. Most recently, high-performance computing management provider Platform Computing announced it will support XenServer as part of its Platform VM Orchestrator 4.

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